5 * #bookreview of BLOODWALKER by L.X. Cain

5 * Book review of BLOODWALKER by L.X. Cain


Lightning flashes. Another child disappears… Zorka Circus’s big top roars with laughter and cheers, but when it moves on, children vanish. Circus Security Chief Rurik suspects a killer hides among the performers, but they close ranks-they’ve always viewed lightning-scarred Rurik as the monster. He must find the culprit before anyone else disappears and his home is destroyed by the murders. Into Zorka Circus comes the Skomori clan, despised as gravedigging ghouls. A one-day truce allows bloodwalker Sylvie to marry. Instead, she finds a body. Alerting others will defy her clan’s strict code, break the truce, and leave her an outcast. When more bodies turn up, the killer’s trail becomes impossible to ignore. Rurik and Sylvie must follow the clues-even if they lead to something unimaginable…


* I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review. *

Since I’m known for doing book reviews, I get approached all the time by authors begging me to read and review their books.  I generally ignore them, as I already have plenty of books on my kindle to read.  But I must have been in a mood for a good horror story, and the blurb sounded intriguing, so I agreed.  And I’m glad I did. 

The story takes place in Hungary, and it drew me in from the very beginning as we’re introduced to Rurik, who’s skulking around an abandoned train station, spying on children playing where they shouldn’t be.  Rurik is Chief of Security for Zorka’s Circus, and everywhere the circus goes, children start disappearing.  Rurik is trying to track down a mysterious person dressed in an old-fashioned clown suit.  Why is he abducting children, and where are their bodies?

I really enjoyed the fact this story took place in Hungary  and Romania.  The story is broken into chapters that shift between Rurik and Sylvie.  Sylvie comes from a small town in Romania where her mother is a Bloodwalker, and she has been trained to be one too.  Each of her chapters start with an excerpt from The Bloodwalker’s Book, which gives a feeling of authenticity to the story.   I even did a Google search to see if Romania Bloodwalkers were real, or at least, in the past.  One of the tips from The Bloodwalker’s Book is to pour a thin line of honey around the corpse, so the lice leaving the dead body will get trapped, instead of infesting the Bloodwalker.  Gruesome, but effective.  I looked as forward to reading these little fun facts as I did the actual story.  

This tale is fast-paced, gripping, and heart-pounding in places.  It’s one of those sit-on-the-edge of your seat and can’t-read-it-fast-enough type books.  The characters are well-defined and developed, and I wanted there to be a HEA for Rurik and Sylvie.  But could there ever be?  That’s one question we’re left to ponder at the end.  After all, she’s a Bloodwalker, and we all know what  happens to them . . . eventually.   

I also love L.X. Cain’s writing.  She uses such descriptive imagery without it being boring or slowing down the pace of the story.  ‘Example – The Russian woman could be waiting to catch her, like some nasty old spider lurking in a web. It really puts you in the mood of the story.

My one complaint is the ending.  I was totally caught up in the book until the end and the final confrontation.  I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I felt there were way to many of Them not to have been noticed before.  And what about all the children they needed to live?  Someone would have noticed something was amiss.  It just seemed too contrived.  For me, it was unsatisfactory. 

Don’t get me wrong, what they fought against was quite evil and gruesome, and I wouldn’t want to meet one at night.  No Way!  But, I still felt disappointed. 

The cover is awesome, the characters were likable and relatable, and the plot was somewhat lacking.  I give it 4.5 feathers, rounded up to 5.  If you’re looking for a refreshing change in horror, and love a good monster book, this will be right up your alley.  I highly recommend it.

Pigeon, Bird, Dove, Feathers Pigeon, Bird, Dove, Feathers Pigeon, Bird, Dove, Feathers Pigeon, Bird, Dove, Feathers Pigeon, Bird, Dove, Feathers

This book is on pre-order and will not be available to purchase until October.  SORRY.

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#Bookreview of SHADOWED (Brides of the Kindred Book 8) by Evangeline Anderson

Shadowed: Brides of the Kindred book 8: (Alien Sci-fi Romance) by [Anderson, Evangeline]

SHADOWED (Brides of the Kindred Book 8) by Evangeline Anderson


Nina is normal Florida girl with a job and a life and a grandmother she adores. But lately she’s been having disturbing dreams. Dreams of a man with a shadowed face—a man filled with pain and need and desire only she can slake. She fears him but at the same time, the dreams leave her breathless with need. Who is this dark stranger and what does he want of her?

Reddix is a Touch Kindred with an inverted Touch Sense—he can’t touch with his mind like others of his kind. Instead, he is doomed to endure their emotions like a physical invasion every time he’s around anyone. Desperation drives him to kidnap Nina—the girl he has been dreaming of. But he doesn’t take her out of love but as a sacrifice to one who claims she can cure his affliction.

Snatching Nina from her job, Reddix takes her on a journey to the stars that ends in disaster. Now, marooned on a strange planet they will have to learn to work together in order to survive. Can Nina forgive Reddix’s attack and gain his trust enough to heal him…or will his fate remain forever Shadowed?


Since I started this series, once I finished one book I’ve already jumped into the next one, even before I’ve written the review on the previous book.  Not this time.  I think I’m getting disillusioned.  Now that the AllFather and the Hoard have been either defeated or went away, what do the Kindred Warriors do all day?  They’re supposed to be fighting in battles, but all they do is sit around working on their spaceships.  I think I’m missing the tension of having a villain in the storyline.  It’s getting boring and repetitious having almost the exact same dialogue from new Kindred / Human couple to the next.  I’ve downloaded the 9th book, Chained, and I’m not sure I’ll be starting it right away.  Maybe I need some time away from the series. 

Shadowed is about Reddix who’s a Touch Kindred but his abilities are inverted.  Nina is a Native American who is the only person that can cure him.  Reddix kidnaps her and their adventure begins.  I did enjoy Nina’s character.  She was strong and brave in the situations she found herself in.  But, once again, when it comes to oral sex, they all have this virgin stupidity about them.  Really?   I wasn’t much of a fan of Reddix.  I felt he was too selfish, even knowing how painful his life was living with everyone’s emotions bombarding his physical body. 

I think what really got me questioning the whole concept of this series, is what the witch told Reddix.  That without the bonding ability they shared with their Human wives, they would never be able to co-exist.  So, basically, the Human women are being enslaved just for the purpose of reproduction.  Sure, they share some form of love, but it’s also enhanced by the mating scent that the Kindred Warriors emit.  So, I’m in a real quandary about the whole Kindred Bonding sex thing. 

The world-building and character development are just as good, but I’m still running across proofreading errors that make me flinch every time I see one. 

As much as I hate to, I have to give this book a 3 feather review.  It just didn’t cut it for me, and it was disappointing.  Hopefully, when I get ready for book 9, it will be better.  Not holding my breath on that one.

Click on the cover to read a preview or to buy your copy today:

Shadowed: Brides of the Kindred book 8: (Alien Sci-fi Romance) by [Anderson, Evangeline]

Have you read any of the Brides of the Kindred series?  If so, what are you thoughts?

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5 * #bookreview of THE EMERALD OF PHAUNOS (Scepter – Book II) by Scott L. Collins

The Emerald of Phaunos (Scepter Book 2) by [Collins, Scott L.]

THE EMERALD OF PHAUNOS (Scepter – Book II) by Scott L. Collins


Argyle has taken control of Castiglias, forced many of its citizens into slavery, and cast the others out into the wild. AND he’s destroyed the Scepter of Harmony, a key to the prosperity of the kingdom.

Daniel now holds the stoneless Scepter as his bitter reward for saving the fairy settlement. What would happen if the stones were gathered and the Scepter reassembled? Daniel, Aidan, Olivia, and Lilly set out to locate and take back the Emerald of Phaunos, one of the four gems that gave the Scepter its power.

King Argyle’s army of diegylis, a half man/half werewolf beast, will stop at nothing to catch the four rebels. The tree people in the Acheron forest now possess the emerald. It will take all the strength and determination the young band can rally to recover the stolen emerald. But can they do it before the diegylis destroy them?


I enjoyed the first book in the series (you can read my review here), but I was totally entertained with this one.  I felt Scott Collins found his stride.  His writing was better, he didn’t bog the reader down with all the daily mundane tasks, and there’s plenty of action to appease action junkies.  So much so, I found myself holding my breath in a few places.  Especially with the huge man-eating toad.  YUCKO!!  When attacked, toads emit a chemical that will induce frothing of the mouth.  My cat eat a toad once and we thought he had rabies.  LOL.  So, what happened to Aidan was very believable.

In the first book, we were told about King Argyle, now we get to meet him.  We get to see him in all his evilness.  What I feel is missing is the WHY behind him.  Why does he hate everyone and everything?  What motivates him to be so vile?  So, right now, he’s pretty much a one-dimensional character.  Maybe these questions will be answered in the next book. 

We’re also introduced to Fracik, leader of a pack of diegylis, who are half man, half werewolf, and totally ruthless.  They were created by Argyle to do his dirty work.  Fracik hates Argyle for taking his wife and child from him, and I can see somewhere down the road that he might be changing sides. I am curious to see how this part of the story develops. 

This is a very fast-paced book, and when I hit the end, I was like, what, that’s the end?  Of course, it leaves you on a cliff-hanger, like the first book.  I can’t wait to start the 3rd one.  I give it 5 dragons and highly recommend it for young adult readers and adults alike.  BTW, I love the book covers, and they depict scenes from the story.

Dragon, Broncefigur, Golden Dragon Dragon, Broncefigur, Golden Dragon Dragon, Broncefigur, Golden Dragon Dragon, Broncefigur, Golden Dragon Dragon, Broncefigur, Golden Dragon


The Emerald of Phaunos (Scepter Book 2) by [Collins, Scott L.]

Have you read this series?  If so, what were your thoughts?

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5* #bookreview of SHADOWED STRENGTH (Shadowed Series Book One) by @WendiLWilson

Shadowed Strength: Shadowed Series Book One by [Wilson, Wendi]

SHADOWED STRENGTH (Shadowed Series Book One) by Wendi L. Wilson


A teen romance filled with the angst of first love, mystery, suspense, and the paranormal…

She should have run.

While walking home at night, sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is tackled to the ground by a masked assailant with nefarious intentions. Her savior, a large black dog with soulful eyes, vanishes as quickly as he appears.

You are mine.

She starts receiving threatening notes from her attacker, promising to finish what he started.

I am Ace.

To complicate things further, her long-time crush Jeremy reveals a secret that Melanie is not sure she can accept. He is more than he seems. Something untamed. Forceful. Wild.

I have to stop him.

The truth about her assailant’s identity is almost too much to bear and Melanie must find the strength to put an end to the terror, once and for all.

**This is a YA Paranormal Romance intended for teens and adults 16+ due to language and sexual situations.


I ran across this book in a reading group.  The cover and blurb drew me in and I’m so glad I decided to read it.  There are tons of books about teenagers who suddenly discover they’re special.  Unfortunately, the books themselves aren’t.  It’s all on how the characters are portrayed, and this one fits the bill. 

The main protagonists is sixteen year-old Melanie.  She’s overweight, has a huge inferiority complex, and has been bullied most of her life by Sissy.  Even though Sissy is nothing but a mean, spiteful person, she is the epitome of what Melanie wants to look like.  It doesn’t help that Melanie also has the hots for Jeremy, someone she’s known must of her life, but he only sees her as a friend.  Unfortunately, Sissy has her eye on him too.

  One fateful day, at a party, Jeremy strolls in with Sissy on his arm, who proceeds to belittle and bully Melanie.  Upset, Mel takes off on foot to go home, in the dark, alone, and along the way, she’s attacked.  Someone has had his eye on her for awhile,and now it’s his time to make her his.  Her savior is a huge dog Melanie has never seen before.  Who is the dark man that assaulted Mel?  And why is he still stalking her?

I have to admit, I figured most of the plot out pretty fast, though I was sidetracked at one point.  But I didn’t care, as I really fell in love with the characters.  I enjoyed the banter between Mel and her best friend, Tara, and caught myself chuckling a few times over their antics.  Wendi Wilson did an awesome job portraying the insecurities of a teenager in high school.  Even though it’s been 40 years since I graduated high school, she took me right back to all the teenage drama. 

Most of the story is about Melanie and coming to terms with her body, finding the guy that’s stalking her, and the developing relationship between her and Jeremy.  The paranormal elements were slowly blended in and I anxiously waited to see who Melanie really was.  I was mildly surprised to find out the real answer.  This book does leave you on a cliffhanger, and I definitely want to read the next book in the series. 

I didn’t find anything really wrong with the tale, other than some very minor proofreading issues.  The plot was fast, the characters relatable and likeable, and it was well-written.  I highly recommend it for YA lovers of the paranormal and I give it 5 feathers.  Well done.

Feather, Bird Feathers, Abstract  Feather, Bird Feathers, Abstract  Feather, Bird Feathers, Abstract  Feather, Bird Feathers, Abstract  Feather, Bird Feathers, Abstract


Shadowed Strength: Shadowed Series Book One by [Wilson, Wendi]

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First #bookreview for The Revenge of Excalibur


Received my first review and a 5 star. Thank you Julie

A delightful spin to an old tale!
By J.M. Northup on June 22, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
What a fun series! It was nice to catch up with the characters I’d met in book one, and to meet new ones! I don’t have one particular character that spoke to me most, but rather, I enjoyed the contrast in personalities.
My favorite part was the aliens and their worlds. I thought the author did a fantastic job with her descriptions and I was certainly intrigued by her vision of extraterrestrial life. I thought the way she presented thoughts, telepathy, visions, and speech was helpful in my understanding of the events and conversations as well as identifying what communication was being utilized.
Well done sci-fi. It’s an interesting take on an old story, reinventing it to a fresh and modern adventure.

Grab your copy today and don’t forget I still have my giveaway going.  So if you buy and review by July 15, and send me a link to your review, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon Gift Card.


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#Bookreview of Ascension (Sabrina Strong Series Book 1) by Lorelei Bell

Ascension (Sabrina Strong Series Book 1) by [Bell, Lorelei]

#Bookreview of Ascension (Sabrina Strong Series Book 1) by Lorelei Bell


Left penniless after the death of her father, Sabrina Strong isn’t thrilled at the prospect of working for the North American Vampire Association.

Driven by accumulating bills (and a secret desire to discover the identity of the mysterious figure haunting her dreams), Sabrina is attacked on the way to the interview. Her life is narrowly saved by a passing vampire—one whom is strangely familiar. Could he be the one that turned her mother and marked Sabrina as his own so long ago?

But Sabrina’s concerns are pushed aside after being hired to investigate the murder of Letitia—lover of Vampire Master, Bjorn Tremayne. Sabrina is quickly immersed in dangerous trysts as the North American Vampire Association comes under threat of those who seek to satiate their own greedy desires.

The first book in Lorelei Bell’s Sabrina Strong series, Ascensionis an urban fantasy full of longing, heartache, and passion.


Sabrina Strong was anything but normal.  Being born a touch clairvoyant, she was considered a freak by her peers, and basically shunned most of her life.  So when she answered an ad for a company searching for a clairvoyant, the last thing she expected was to become the center of attention, males swooning all over her.  But wait . . they’re vampires, werewolves, and shape- shifters.  What the hell did she get into? 

I really enjoyed this novel.  It has a solid mystery story wrapped around the paranormal.  As Sabrina tracks down the person killing vampires with a crossbow, she finds her past catching up with her.  Who is Vasyl, and what does he want with her?  What does he have to do with her mother who disappeared years ago?  For being mostly dead vampires, the characters are alive and vibrant.  Suddenly, Sabrina finds herself surrounded by hunky men,and they all want a piece of her.  Bell does a great job with the sexual tension between the different characters.  My favorite is Dante.  Yum!.  As some questions were answered, other questions remain.  That’s why I bought book two.  Is Sabrina really the sibyl?  And what of Nicolas?  Is he really on Tremayne’s side? 

If this book had some additional proofreading and editing, it would be a 5 star novel.  I had issues with some of the sentence structures as they seemed backwards and awkward.

If you’re in the mood for a good thriller with larger than life paranormal characters, you should read this series.  I give it 4 feathers.

Hahn, Wildpark Poing, Pride, Bill  Hahn, Wildpark Poing, Pride, Bill  Hahn, Wildpark Poing, Pride, Bill  Hahn, Wildpark Poing, Pride, Bill


Ascension (Sabrina Strong Series Book 1) by [Bell, Lorelei]

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#Bookreview of Exiled: Brides of the Kindred 7: (Alien Scifi Romance) by Evangeline Anderson

Exiled: Brides of the Kindred 7: (Alien Scifi Romance) by [Anderson, Evangeline]

#Bookreview of Exiled: Brides of the Kindred 7: (Alien Scifi Romance) by Evangeline Anderson


Lissa is madly in love with Saber and it seems he returns her feelings but she has a problem. She and the man of her dreams both come from the same clan of the Touch Kindred. By the archaic laws of their people, they are too closely related to be bonded. Which means that even though there is no blood tie between them, they are doomed to remain apart.

But their personal dilemmas will soon be the least of their worries. Sacred scrolls, vital to the defense of the Kindred people, have been stolen and sold to a collector on the barbaric slave planet, Yonnie Six. To retrieve them, Lissa and Saber must go undercover as Mistress and slave on the savage world where domination, submission, and kinky sex are the order of the day. Will the love between them survive this trial by fire? Or will Lissa lose everything and be Exiled from the one person she loves above all others?


This is the 7th book in the Brides of the Kindred series.  Ten more to go.  So far, each book has dealt with different aspects of sexual relationships.  Some reviewers complained that the female characters are too weak.  Well, in the real world, that’s very true, and most sexual exploitation is against females.  Not this book.  This storyline deals with the exploitation and dominance of the males by the females.  Welcome to Yonnie Six, a world run by women and the men are only sex slaves.  Yum!  What a better place for a virginal priestess and a Touch Kindred to have to travel to to get information on how to stop the Hoard.  Will their trip, and experience, be for naught? 

Lissa is the typical weak female that Evangeline likes to portray, but under that blushing bride demeanor is a woman who want’s to dominate.  And when she’s forced to punish her Kindred Warrior, Saber, emotions come to light that neither one of them expected.  How will Saber handle his new found inner self?

As with the other books, this one is alive with different characters, adventures, and new worlds.  Evangeline has the wonderful ability to pull her readers into the story.  There’s a little subplot running that involves Draven, leader of the Hoard, and L, Lauren’s cloned sister.  I just loved the nasty surprise Draven pulled on the Warriors and their brides aboard the Mother Ship.  It made me laugh.  Poor Baird. 

What I’m starting not to like, the constant self-doubts and reiterating of those self-doubts.  I know we need the drama and tension, but come on, enough is enough. 

Anyway, another good book and I give it 4 feathers. 


Exiled: Brides of the Kindred 7: (Alien Scifi Romance) by [Anderson, Evangeline]

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#Newrelease Blog Tour for Love Claimed by Mary Crawford

Love Claimed (A Hidden Beauty Novel Book 6) by [Crawford, Mary]

#Newrelease Blog Tour for Love Claimed by Mary Crawford


Donda has seen more than her fair share of tragedy. Between the assaults she suffered as a child, her eating disorder, and addictions she feels like she’s the last person who should get a second chance.

Jaxon has spent years trying to move past his own inner demons. His ex-wife was a junkie who let their young daughter die rather than miss a score. Though he has committed his career to saving lives, he can’t shake the feeling he should have done more back then. When the single mother and doctor finally meet, it seems like fate. A car accident turns a shared glance into a chance at happiness neither one expected or believes they deserve.

Becoming a teenaged matchmaker extraordinaire, Donda’s son, Gabriel, is convinced the two are perfect for each other, but they aren’t so sure.

Can the pair get past their troubled histories, self-doubt, and bad experiences to find love at last?


All I know for sure is that my beautiful baby girl, Jasmine, never saw her third birthday. Marquette was too high to remember she left her to bake to death in a hot car. Jasmine died thinking that Elmo was the center of the universe and that counting to twenty was the hardest thing she ever had to learn to do.





Mary Crawford has been lucky enough to live her own version of a romance novel. She married the guy who kissed her at summer camp. He told her on the night they met that he was going to marry her and be the father of their children. Eventually she stopped giggling when he said it, and they just celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. They have two children. The oldest is in medical school, where he recently found and married the love of his life, and the youngest will son venture into middle school.

Ms. Crawford writes full time now. She recently published her tenth book and has several more underway. She volunteers her time to a variety of causes and has worked as a Civil Rights Attorney and diversity advocate. Ms. Crawford spent several years working for various social service agencies before becoming an attorney. In her spare time, she loved to cook, decorate cakes and of course, obsessively, compulsively read.


Email: Mary@MaryCrawfordAuthor.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/authormarycrawford

Website: MaryCrawfordAuthor.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/MaryCrawfordAut

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8294383.Mary_Crawford




Visit the other blogs on this tour to find out more. There is an author interview, new teasers, and several book reviews.

Blog tour Blogs:clip_image001

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Mistral Dawn:  Mistral Dawns Musings – http://mistralkdawn.blogspot.com

Savanna Morgan:  Savannah’s Thought Garden – http://savannahsthoughtgarden.blogspot.com/ 



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#Bookreview of SCEPTER By Scott L Collins

Scepter by [Collins, Scott L.]

SCEPTER By Scott L Collins


Daniel and Aidan have spent their lives apart from the rest of the kingdom of Castiglias and its subjects. For the last three years, they have been left with only each other for company since King Argyle’s men came and took their parents to be slaves. The boys’ survival has been dependent on the lessons learned from their parents, as well as their own unique powers.

When Argyle’s men come to take Daniel, Aidan uses his little-known gift to fight off the gathering party. He does so with only two goals in mind: to save his older brother from a lifetime of serving Argyle, and then escape together. Fleeing the only home they have ever known, they must avoid Argyle’s men, werewolves, and a fire-breathing dragon looking for an easy meal.

What begins as a fight to save one boy and then disappear unexpectedly turns into a battle against the evil forces of Argyle, a war that may affect the lives of not only the many children waiting to be taken, but the existence of the kingdom itself.


How far would you go to save your older brother?  That’s a question Aidan has to answer when his brother, Daniel, turns 14 and is now the target of Argyle and his evil henchmen.  Scott Collins takes us on a fanciful journey as two brothers use their special abilities to escape the dark ruler, but also end up fighting for the other children being stolen and taken as slaves into the mines.  Along the way, they team up with sisters Olivia and Lily, who have talents of their own.  This is a delightful tale, and I really enjoyed the characters and the adventures that the four children encountered.  So much, that I’ve bought the second book in the series. 

Out of the two brothers, I liked Aidan’s character the best.  He’s quick tempered and impulsive, but he has a heart of gold.  I also love his special ability, and I’m sure most children would love to be him.  Aidan knows it’s up to them to save their world and repair the Scepter.  I can’t wait to see what troubles they get into next.   

My onlyu complaint about the tale, also expressed by other reviewers, is all the depicting of everyday life, IE eating, cooking, fetching water.  It does get quite tedious and cuts back on the pace of the story.  But I know Scott is rewriting the story, so hopefully, he’ll get this issue resolved. 

If you love YA books with adventure and magical creatures, you’ll enjoy this tale.  I highly recommend it and give it 4 feathers.


Scepter by [Collins, Scott L.]

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#PAPERBACK Books available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Ahh, there’s nothing like the feel and smell of a new PAPERBACK book.  I just love opening a new book, making that first crack in the spine, claiming it as mine.  I also love turning the pages, the feel and smell of the paper and ink.  So, I understand why some people haven’t fallen in love with the ereaders.  If you’re one of them, I have great news.  All my books are now in paperback format.  Below are the links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I hope you’ll take a look.


The Secret of Excalibur

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1wwyXfw

Barnes & Noble:  http://bit.ly/1WMU3Un


The Revenge of Excalibur

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1UIsN7X

Barnes & Nobles:  http://bit.ly/28sbTSo


We Journey No More

Amazon:   http://amzn.to/1V2hMOD

Barnes & Noble:   http://bit.ly/1JdNEuq


It Live in the Basement

Amazon:   http://amzn.to/21qrFMG

Barnes & Noble:   http://bit.ly/1szMQfS


So, which do you prefer?  Paperbacks, or Ebooks?


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