4 feather #bookreview of THE HOOKMAN LEGACY by Hayley Bernard


by Hayley Bernard

Publisher: SNM Novel Publications (April 3, 2015)

Pages: 162

Genre: Children / Horror


Black Ash Swamp has given birth to a new or perhaps very ancient legacy; a curse that has befallen upon a small town in Connecticut: The Hookman of Black Ash Swamp. A curse dating back to the ancient Indians and early pioneer explorers… The Hookman is a mythical swamp creature with a very unique power. When he hooks people, they don’t just simply die. Anyone who encounters The Hookman vanishes completely, so no trace of their life is left. Anything they’ve ever owned, anything they’ve ever written, anything they’ve ever done, disappears and no one knows they’ve ever existed. Not even their own parents… Zachary Hartman is a popular boy in the sixth grade. Even though he is a year older than Lynn, they become fast friends when he rescues her from being eaten by a huge snapping turtle. Yet Lynn is unable to save him when The Hookman emerges from the water and scratches Zachary’s arm. The wound is far more serious than it appears. Zachary keeps vanishing from sight against his will. He and Lynn are in a race against time to confront The Hookman and kill him before Zachary is gone and forgotten completely… Debut novella 162pgs, 30,000 words 3X published SNM Mag Author


I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review.  I am not affiliated with SNM Novel Publications, nor do I know the author.  This is her first published book.
Growing up, most of us have heard the scary urban legend of an escaped mental patient that attacked a young couple parked in a car.  The story changes from telling to telling, but the main premise is the escaped patient has a hook for a hand and kills both people, or just the boy.  So, I was expecting a story along that same line.  Man, was I wrong.  Yes, there is a man, in a horrible non-dead sort of way.  And, yes, he wears a hook for a hand.  But what happens when you get hooked is totally different.  You don’t just die; you disappear, like you never existed at all.   
The story starts with 11 year old Lynn being confronted by a pair of ghost children.  They tell her she is the chosen one and must kill the Hookman.  Why she was chosen was never explained in the book, or what made her special?  At least with Zachary, we were told.  Bernard did a great job showing this story through the eyes of an 11-year old girl.  I loved how Lynn tired emulating her hero, Clint Eastwood. 
For Bernard’s first book, I was amazed at how well-written this story is.  I’ve read books from authors that have several books published, and they weren’t as good.  The story kept me engaged all the way through, with well-developed characters and lots of action and adventure.  I liked the ending, and it made me wonder if there wouldn’t be another Hookman. 
My only complaints are some technical issues.  First, water turtles will never lay their egg (clutch) in water, not if they can help it.  Second, when we’re in the Hookman’s cabin, we’re told Lynn was walking through water, yet, there was a basement.  The cabin is in a swamp; no way can you build a dry basement in a swamp.
This is a perfect Halloween tale, with witches and other things that go bump in the night.  If you enjoy a scary story, I highly recommend this book for young and old alike.  I give my 4 feathers.


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