November 2017 #FREE #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS 16th to 30th


Well, here we are, Thanksgiving just next week.  WOW! So, to all my followers and subscribers, Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

I also want to apologize to my newsletter subscribers about the links to the 99 cent & free books not working.  They were fine in the sample email I sent to myself.  I’m not sure why they didn’t work when it went live.  I didn’t have time to send out a corrected newsletter, and I know most subscribers don’t like excessive emails.  I assumed most of you would have already bookmarked my site anyway.

So, here are the books for the rest of November. As always, click on the covers to preview a sample. And, Please, Please, any books you do read, leave a review. Thank you.

November 2017 #FREE #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS 16th to 30th

NOVEMBER 16, 2017

Sword Scroll Stone by [Decker, Scott Michael]

NOVEMBER 17, 20-17

Edifice Abandoned by [Decker, Scott Michael]

NOVEMBER 18, 2017

Drink the Water by [Decker, Scott Michael]   Man, True Man (The Chronicles of Tonath Book 1) by [Collier, Mari]

War Child by [Decker, Scott Michael]

NOVEMBER 19, 2017

River Bones (Sara Mason Mysteries Book 1) by [Deal, Mary]

NOVEMBER 20, 2017

The Gael Gates by [Decker, Scott Michael]

NOVEMBER 21, 2017

Gemstone Wyverns by [Decker, Scott Michael]

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Doorport by [Decker, Scott Michael]

NOVEMBER 23, 2017

We Thought We Were Invincible by [Lynn, Michelle]   Inoculated by [Decker, Scott Michael]

NOVEMBER 24, 2017

Hellbounce (The ARC Chronicles Book 1) by [Harrill, Matthew W.]   The Bucktown Babies (Father Gunter, Demon Hunter Book 1) by [Pestel, Janine R.]

NOVEMBER 25, 2017

The Swordswoman by [Archibald, Malcolm]

NOVEMBER 28, 2017

Sharing Hamilton by [Rubino, Diana, Porter, Brian L.]   What Happened in Vienna, Jack? by [Kemp, Daniel]

Bloody Reasons (To Kill A Man Book 1) by [Yates, Stuart G.]


These books are always free through Kindle Unlimited.

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November 2017 #FREE #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS 1st to 15th

halloween-2870607_1920 (1)

November 2017 #FREE #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS – 1st to 15th

Man, it’s hard to believe it’s NOVEMBER already.  In my part of the world, winter is making it’s presence know.  BRRR!  I’m already looking forward to Spring.  Yikes!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy these FREE books from these amazing Creativia authors.  As always, they are free with Kindle Unlimited, and just click on the book cover to read a preview. 

Stay warm!

NOVEMBER 1, 2017

The Peasant (Fall of the Swords Book 1) by [Decker, Scott Michael]   Once I Was A Soldier by [Kemp, Daniel]

Just Rose by [Marshall, L.T.]

NOVEMBER 2, 2017

Der Königinnenpass: Das Dunkle Geheimnis (German Edition) by [Weber, Tobias A.]

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

Sarah's Story by [Swift, Helen Susan]   The Pawnbroker by [Yates, Stuart G.]

NOVEMER 4, 2017

National Sick Day by [Nations, Humble]   Undressed to Kill by [McGlone, David Andrew]

Toboggan in Clipper Grey by [Nations, Humble]

NOVEMER 5, 2017

Bawdy Double by [Decker, Scott Michael]

NOVEMBER 6, 2017

Pawns (The Wielders of Arantha Book 1) by [Hodges, Patrick]   Half-Breed by [Decker, Scott Michael]

NOVEMBER 8, 2017

Broken Soul (The Scholar's Legacy Book 1) by [Buller, Joshua]

NOVEMBER 10, 2017

Watching Glass Shatter by [Cudney, James J.]

NOVEMBER 11, 2017

Made A Killing (Alex Warren Murder Mysteries Book 1) by [Abrams, Zach]

NOVEMBER 14, 2017

The Wind Guardian by [Scozzari, Frank]   Cube Rube by [Decker, Scott Michael]

NOVEMBER 15, 2017

Glad You're Born by [Decker, Scott Michael]

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November 2017 #99cent #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS 1st to 15th


November 2017 #99cent #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS 1st to 15th

Man, it’s hard to believe it’s NOVEMBER already.  In my part of the world, winter is making it’s presence know.  BRRR!  I’m already looking forward to Spring.  Yikes!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy these FREE books from these amazing Creativia authors.  As always, they are free with Kindle Unlimited, and just click on the book cover to read a preview. 

Stay warm!

NOVEMBER 1, 2017

Minus Life by [Yates, Stuart G.]

NOVEMBER 2, 2017

The Carnival Keepers by [Gulley, Amber]   The Queen of Carleon (The Legends of Avalyne Book 1) by [Thackeray, Linda]

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

The Loranth (The Star Sojourner Series Book 1) by [Kilczer, Jean]   The Secret of Altamura: Nazi Crimes, Italian Treasure by [Rosano, Dick]

Revived (Snoqualmie Valley Sasquatch Book 1) by [Northup, J.M.]

NOVEMBER 4, 2017

Moribund Tales by [Hofstatter, Erik]   Seventeen by [Lowe, Suzanne]

Flowers At Midnight by [Sweet, Nick]

NOVEMBER 5, 2017

The Sweet Spot (Appleton Vale Book 1) by [Lort, Anneli]   Shadowland by [Gray, C.M.]

The Skull Collector by [Singer, Paris]   Short Circuit: And Other Geek Stories by [McKinnon, Kenna]

NOVEMER 6, 2017

Blood Fever by [Beaudelaire, Simone]   By The Light Of A Darkened Forest by [Goodwin, J.W.]

NOVEMBER 7, 2017

The Road Behind Me: The Lie of Hannah by [RjCook]   Whatever Became of Sin? by [Roman, B.]

Elf Struck by [Hansen, Victoria]   Finding Beautiful (The Beautifully Broken Book 1) by [Kaitlyn, Amanda]

Prisoner 4374 by [Griffiths-Jones, A.J.]

NOVEMBER 8, 2017

The Tales of Master Trey's Flawless Outlaws by [Arnold, Robert Jay]   Strange Tales by [Dizon, John Reinhard]

Children of the White Star by [Thackeray, Linda]   Spacehoppers by [Swift, W. Bradford]

NOVEMBER 9, 2017

Palm Trees in the Pyrenees (Death in the Pyrenees Book 1) by [Grant, Elly]   When The Tik-Tik Sings by [Lamoreux, Doug]

The Spooky Sponge by [Cairns, Sam]   Generations by [Dizon, John Reinhard]

The Circus by [Griffiths-Jones, A.J.]

NOVEMBER 10, 2017

The Regulars by [Singer, Paris]   The Test by [Dizon, John Reinhard]

NOVEMBER 11, 2017

Knowledge Revealed (The Nememiah Chronicles Book 1) by [Williams, D.S.]   Strange Tales of the Sea by [Strange, Jack]

Haunted Whispers by [Mulak, Joseph]   Dance If Ye Can: A Dictionary of Scottish Battles by [Archibald, Malcolm]

NOVEMBER 12, 2017

The Eighth Day by [Gray, Donovan]   Ways of the West by [Sweet, Nick]

Misguided Target by [Page, Jessica]   Seven For The Slab: A Horror Portmanteau by [Lamoreux, Doug]

NOVEMBER 13, 2017

Avenue of the Dead by [Porter, Brian L.]   The Fifth Commandment by [Gaal, Eve]

Murder on Tyneside by [Thornton, Eileen]   Sisterhood of Fear: A Romantic Thriller by [Beaudelaire, Simone]

NOVEMBER 14, 2017

Only The Lonely by [Sweet, Nick]   Angels at Midnight by [Beishir, Norma]

Final Hours by [Beishir, Norma]

NOVEMBER 15, 2017

When the Words are Spoken (The Hearts in Winter Chronicles Book 2) by [Beaudelaire, Simone]   Sophie's Different (James Madison Series Book 3) by [Hodges, Patrick]

The Sky Drifter by [Singer, Paris]   Hubert in Heaven: A hi-tech angel gets his wings by [Roman, Barbara]

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#NewRelease #MichelleWindsor #Romance #Kindle #99Cents


✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿  NEW RELEASE  ✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿

Losing Hope by Michelle Windsor is now LIVE!


Watch the #trailer here:

Grab this stand-alone, contemporary romance for only 99¢ (special release day price, moves to $2.99 soon)!

Universal Buy Link:

Come party with us to celebrate the release on Monday, Oct. 30th at 5pm. 

Take-overs, games and prizes galore!


#NewRelease #MichelleWindsor #Romance #Kindle #99Cents

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October 2017 #99cent #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS 16th to 31st


October 2017 #99cent #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS 16th to 31st

OCTOBER 16, 2017

SpaceHive by [McKinnon, Kenna]   Nightcrawler by [Dizon, John Reinhard]

Underneath the Gargoyle by [Harding, Christina]   The Last Hero by [Gaydas, Craig]

The Seasiders by [Griffiths-Jones, A.J.]

OCTOBER 17, 2017

Broken Roots by [Lowe, Michelle Diana]   Unflinching: A Western by [Yates, Stuart G.]

Sapphyre (Runestar Chronicles Book 1) by [Komito, Jason]

OCTOBER 18, 2017

Hidden Between the Lines by [Laughlin, Sally A.]   I am Keats as you are by [Peirson, Glenn]

Our Land of Palestine by [Archibald, Malcolm]   Spiral of Fulfillment by [Swift, W. Bradford]

The Cartographer by [Gaydas, Craig]

OCTOBER 19, 2017

Making Mike (The Wounded Warriors Book 3) by [Beaudelaire, Simone, Northup, J.M.]   Point and Shoot for Your Life by [Murphy, Robin]

A Necessary End by [Rubino, Diana]   Like The Thistle Seed: The Scots Abroad by [Archibald, Malcolm]

OCTOBER 20, 2017

Hunter's Haven by [Thackeray, Linda]   Day of Rain: Rise of the False Prophet by [Hartway, C.A.]

A Death In Tuscany by [Rosano, Dick]

OCTOBER 21, 2017

Against All Instinct by [Buller, Joshua]   Heavensgate: Hope by [Kane, Leo]

A Mersey Killing: When Liverpool Rocked, And The Music Died (Mersey Murder Mysteries Book 1) by [Porter, Brian L.]

OCTOBER 22, 2017

Heronk by [Richards, Ronald]   Knee Deep in a Sea Breeze by [Sholtz-Ames, Laila]

OCTOBER 23, 2017

House Of Horrors by [Gill, Carole]   Jack The Ripper and the Maybrick Family by [Covell, Mike]

God's Hammer (Hakon's Saga Book 1) by [Schumacher, Eric]   Divorcees.Biz by [Thornton, Eileen]

OCTOBER 24, 2017

Watching Over the Watcher by [Beaudelaire, Simone]   Shaman - The Awakening by [McCoy, VR]

Lest We Forget: An Anthology Of Remembrance by [Porter, Brian L.]

OCTOBER 25, 2017

Family of Strangers by [Willis, Barbara]   A Complete How-To Guide for Rookie Writers by [Murphy, Robin]

Road to Soul by [Mendoza, Carmen]   Iris by [Langford, Billie]

OCTOBER 26, 2017

Quest For Babylon's Soul: The Epic Search for The Gold Statue of God Marduk by [Snow, Sonador]   The Merchant by [McCoy, VR]

The House of Crow by [Wood, John W.]   Glorious Incorporated (The Joshua Chronicles Book 1) by [Moore, Steven Neil]

OCTOBER 27, 2017

Wounded Warriors - The Complete Collection: Military Romance Boxed Set by [Beaudelaire, Simone, Northup, J.M.]   Beautiful Rose by [Hansen, Victoria]

Hunting Truffles by [Rosano, Dick]   Justine: Into The Blood (Blood and Passion Book 1) by [Gill, Carole]

OCTOBER 28, 2017

Alexander's Empire by [Beishir, Norma]   Tasting Darkness, Tasting Light by [Hansen, Victoria]

Twisted Tales From The Northwest by [Collier, Mari]

OCTOBER 29, 2017

Symbiosis (Justice Keepers Saga Book 1) by [Penney, R.S.]   Death At Presley Park by [Grant, Elly]

Spirit of Fire: The Tale of Marjorie Bruce by [Brand, Emmerson]

OCTOBER 30, 2017

Promises (New Beginnings Book 2) by [Lynn, Michelle]   2024 by [Rourke, H. Berkeley]

Xaman by [Beaudelaire, Simone, Stark, Edwin]

OCTOBER 31, 2017

Remember (Protectors of the Elemental Magic Book 1) by [Cate, Marnie]   A Moment of Horror by [Rourke, H. Berkeley]

The Secret of Excalibur (Excalibur Saga Book 1) by [Foley, Sahara]

Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!

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NEW RELEASE: Girl Behind The Veil by Jalpa Willibhy


Opposite worlds. An impossible dream. A forbidden wish.

Girl Behind The Veil by International Award-winning Author Jalpa Williby is now available.

☆.•°*°•.☆ BUY NOW ☆.•°*°•.☆

☆.•°*°•.☆ BLURB ☆.•°*°•.☆

His assignment is simple.

Buy the girl and get out.

Going undercover to catch the bad guys is nothing unusual for the American soldier, Kaden Reid.

But this time, it isn’t the bad guys he is after.

This time, he has to save the mysterious, gray-eyed girl behind the veil.

While visiting her father in Pakistan, Salena is suddenly kidnapped.

Three weeks in captivity.

Three weeks of torture.

Lifetime of invisible scars.

When the paths of two strangers from opposite worlds collide, their lives are irrevocably altered. Can they overcome not only the society’s barriers, but also their own inner turmoil? Can their hearts find the courage to fight for the forbidden dream?

☆.•°*°•.☆ Add to Goodreads ☆.•°*°•.☆




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Author Interview with Daniel Kemp

Daniel Kemp

Author Interview with Daniel Kemp

Hi Danny. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog. You’re a new author to Creativia, so I’m gonna to be nosey.  Smile 

Who is — Daniel Kemp?  What inspired you to start writing?

I had a car accident in 2006, not my fault, that put me out of effective work for four years, that’s when I started. I wrote a story, sent a synopsis with the first three chapters to about one hundred literary agents, sat back and waited for the phone to ring. It didn’t, until— one did ring. He sent those chapters off to the top fifteen agencies in the world, but, surprisingly, (English humor) nobody wanted it. He said write another one. I did!

That book; The Desolate Garden, was picked up by a film producer and off I went on a rocket to the second star to the right and back again. I was invited everywhere, including ‘live’ television and book signings all over the country. Distribution finally killed the dream of seeing— Based on a Book By Daniel Kemp as a credit on the big screen. No matter, it had been great for the five years it lasted.

The Desolate Garden

What is your favorite book you have written and why?

This does change depending on all manner of things. Personally, I think it takes something different in the mindset to write a compelling short story rather than a well researched 100,000-word novel. Both require the person who reads it to connect with the characters and the story, but the novella has to do this in an idiosyncratic way. The essence of the novella comes from the dialogue or the mannerisms of the characters. I have written two novellas. One titled A Shudder From Heaven, the other Why? Both of these come into that category of a favorite.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?

As to there being bad aspects, I think that depends on what one expects from writing. For me there is none. I write because I love it, enjoy it, and wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t. But if recognition from a wider audience than the one being reached is an aspiration then bad reviews become important, as do sales figures and marketing techniques.

Everyone who writes wants to be read. That’s the idea when one selects a blank sheet of paper. I can remember how I felt when I first saw a book of mine being selected from a shelf in one of Waterstones bookshops. Fantastic feeling and somewhat bizarre to think my work was going to achieve that status of being read. The same experience is felt when someone on a social channel declares they have one on order or have bought a book. I have in the past sent signed copies to different parts of the world, that’s an even better feeling. So after praising so many self-centered reasons to write, I think it would be callous to say there were bad aspects.

How do you balance marketing one book and writing the next?

I don’t; I hate marketing. I find Twitter to be tedious and time-consuming. I take breaks from it for months to write. So I’m not the one to ask as really I guess I’m useless at that part of a writer’s life.

Are you an Indie Author or are you part of a publishing house?

I did self-publish, but now Creativia publishes my work.

What do you enjoy most about being an author?

Living in the world I create by being all the characters in the story.

Do you read books in the genres you write?

I have recently finished John Le Carré’s latest, A Legacy of Spies. I have read most of his work.

When you are not writing, what do you do to recharge?

This is a tough one as I’m always either writing or thinking about what to write. I have at the moment written four main novels, two novellas, one collection of three short stories and three children’s stories. I don’t intend to do any more children’s books, but I am writing something at the moment and would like to do at least one more main novel.

Besides being an author, do you have a second job?

No, I’m retired from paid work.

What makes you laugh?

Silly things! People who can laugh at themselves, have fun and enjoy life. I laugh at myself quite a bit. I dislike those who continually moan.

What (not who) would you like to take to a lonely island?

Barbed wire to stop anyone else landing!

Who would you like to invite for dinner?

A great cook.

It’s time to meet one of your characters.  Which book is your character from?

The Story That Had No Beginning

Who are you?  

I, and my dead twin brother are the main characters in the story that Daniel Kemp is telling. 

What is your name?

Originally my name was Alice Collins, but I changed that to Alicia Collins when I ran away.

Are you a fictional or historical character?

I’m not sure if I should be offended by this question. I exist in the life inside this story, and it’s a current account, so I’m certainly not historical, neither will I get hysterical about answering it. However, it seems superfluous as the story is both fictional and historical with me being the only truth in the whole composition. I can’t quite work out if I’m a nice person or a bad one, as this DK has not finished with me yet.

What should we know about you?

I was born an hour or so before my brother in Alice Street near Tower Bridge in London. I was named Alice after the street, and my brother was named Tom as our Mum was ill all the time; Tom and Dick being cockney rhyming slang for Sick. You see our Mum and Dad had no imagination. Both our parents died when we were eight. I’ll skip the bits that Daniel Kemp makes up about me until he has me meeting Mary O’Donnell, a hedge fund manager and obscenely rich. That’s when things get going!

Tell us about your story:  When and where is your tale set?

The opening chapter is set at a dinner party held at my partner’s house, overlooking the Thames in Chelsea. There are four of us at the table. I ask if lying is endemic in the world today. There is a motive behind my question, of course, and it’s really not that nice, but if I were to tell you, Daniel, my hero as a writer (I had to say that) would probably kill me off on the next page. So, I’m sorry, you’ll have to read it to know.

Anyway, I’m a world-famous photographer, my partner is a Queen’s Councillor, a barrister by any other name, Susan, who is with her partner, Marcus, is a newspaper editor and Marcus owns a string of nightclubs. He is a crook who wears a smirk most of the time. Susan used to live with his father. His father had an affair with Susan’s husband. Talk about confusing, or what! This author has a very strange mind.

Just to add to the perplexity of it all; Mary had a thing with Marcus which Susan knew about, but Mary’s dead, so that doesn’t matter, well, it does to Mary, but no one else apart from me, as she was a good friend who left all her money, along with the house here in the City of London and another house on the coast of Ireland, to me. I never have to take a photograph again, but I don’t know if I do, as Daniel is busy reading all his other books for a Miika Hannila, a publisher, and is not writing about me!

Although, as I’ve said this chap Kemp is writing the tale it’s my dead brother who is telling it. Yes, I realize that sounds a bit odd, but he, Tom that is, has this ability to read my mind and the situations I was enveloped in. I never met my brother after we went our different way, but I was told he’d changed his name after serving several terms in prison for violent crimes. All three of the dinner guest have met him. None of them knew who he was.

What is your personal goal? I mean, what do you ultimately want?

Hmm, good question! I want to hold on to the position I have in life. That’s my most important wish. It would kill me to go back to the way of life my parents lived. I’m respected and admired for my art. I’m drawing and painting again. Something I trained for and have a talent for. If the truth was to emerge about what I’ve done, I doubt if I could hold my head up in public ever again.

What is standing in your way? What conflict(s) do you face?


How do I get a copy of your book?  Is it available now or when can we expect to see it released?

It is not available yet. Mr. Kemp is too interested in his other work. But I’ll keep nagging away at him from the file that sits in the center of his computer screen.

Thank you so much Daniel and Alicia for being in the lime-light.  How can readers connect with you?




Amazon Author Page: This is still under construction…

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New Release: “Punk Story” by Neil Rowland


ISBN #978-1785386695

“Punk Story” by Neil Rowland is published

For original punk rockers, this book puts you back there amongst it

About the Book:

1977, Silver Jubilee year and the punk movement is breaking out among British youth, spreading moral panic. Paul Bottle and friends are just leaving college, when he is seduced by the vibrant punk scene and suddenly his life begins. Next door neighbour Stan forms his own band, Mortal Wound and gigs and new music explode around them. When EMI offer a record contract to the best local punk group, furious competition breaks out among all the rivals. A ruthless ‘Battle of the Bands’ contest ensues that summer.

If you were an original punk – or a younger person interested – this book puts you right back there among it. In a gripping, often hilarious, sometimes touching story, the music, the whole period and – most importantly – the brilliant people – are brought back to us. We feel the social pain and desire that fuelled the whole phenomenon, generally amid times of economic hardship and political conflict. Most of all we feel the energy and excitement and hilarity.

Excerpt from the Book:

“This is a story about friendship, a punk band and the thrill ride of music.

Music and style, arts and rebellion, identity and growing up, that’s where it began. Shock waves proved something seismic was about to happen in the UK. Until punk came along school friends would drag me into town to bad clubs with terrible soundtracks.  I’d put on my check sports jacket and flared trousers.  Local girls in home-sewn hot pants would either ignore me or give a jump of alarm. They left me under a plastic palm tree at the edge of the floor, incinerated with embarrassment.”

About the Author:

Neil’s trademark style is a mix of humour, suspense and intelligence. The novels entertain, fire the brain cells, bring frequent smiles and certainly keep the pages turning and turning. This writing avoids formulas and cliches like dull Sunday afternoons. Pleasure guaranteed. Discover something new and exciting, often exhilarating and cutting edge.

Neil Rowland began his writing career as a teenage music critic for Melody Maker, Blitz and other publications. This put him into eye-contact with a trained to kill Doberman Pinscher at a rock’s star’s pine shaded Jacksonville home: among other ‘adventures’.

Punk Story by Neil Rowlandis available in paperback from Amazon at:

This novel is also available to download as an e-book from Amazon at:

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New Release / Pre-ORder: RUSSIAN BEAST by Aislinn Kearns



Russian Beast is available for preorder. Grab your copy now!

Alexei has lived a life off the radar since he arrived in the US years before. Until he meets Evie—the woman he can’t get out of his head.

Having escaped Russia—and a brutal father—when he was barely out of his teens, Alexei now earns his living in illegal fights. There, his size and strength are an advantage, not a curse. When Alexei rescues his neighbour from her violent ex, he sees for the first time that he can use his power for good, and becomes determined to protect Evie from her demons.

Evie has avoided men since she escaped her ex, focusing on the final months of her social work degree. Paranoia has gripped her, and she can’t be sure whether the shadow she thinks is following her is really there, or only a figment of her imagination. But when Alexei barges into her life, she has to decide whether she can place her trust in him, or whether he’s just another man who uses violence to get what he wants.

When Evie convinces Alexei to teach her to fight, she must learn to trust her instincts, to trust him. If she doesn’t, her ex will shatter everything she holds dear, and she’ll risk losing Alexei forever…

Russian Beast (Underground Fighters Book 2)

Aislinn Kearns

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October 2017 #FREEt #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS


Fall is officially here.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I just love the leaves turning color, the sound of walking on them, and the smell. No other time of the year has that smell of freshness. Not even Spring. Unfortunately, it also means Ole’ Man Winter is just around the corner. BRRR!

Fall is also a good time to cuddle up with a good book. So, below are the FREE ebooks for October. Click on the book covers to read a preview or to buy your copies today. Enjoy.

OCTOBER 1, 2017

Homecoming Queen by [Watts, Kerry]   The Hit-and-Run Man by [Bickley, Derrick R.]

OCTOBER 2, 2017

Organo-Topia by [Decker, Scott Michael]   Dolor and Shadow (Tales of the Drui Book 1) by [Chrysler, Angela B.]

OCTOBER 3, 2017

Cradle of the Gods (The Soulstone Prophecy Book 1) by [Miller, Thomas Quinn]

OCTOBER 4, 2017

OCTOBER 5, 2017

   Amor Maldito: Romantic Tragedies from Tejano Folklore by [Beaudelaire, Simone]   Amor Maldito: Las Tragedias Románticas del Folklore Tejano (Spanish Edition) by [Beaudelaire, Simone]

King of the Hoboes by [Dizon, John Reinhard]

OCTOBER 6, 2017

The Keepers (Connor Chronicles Book 1) by [G, Dormaine]

OCTOBER 7, 2017

Ashes to Ashes by [Mulak, Joseph]   Windrush (Jack Windrush Book 1) by [Archibald, Malcolm]

OCTOBER 8, 2017

Dracula's Demeter by [Lamoreux, Doug]

OCTOBER 9, 2017

Engaging The Dragon by [McKinnon, Kenna]

OCTOBER 12, 2017

On Delicate Wings by [Higgins, L.J.]   Around The World In 80 Meals: The Best of Cruise Ship Cuisine by [Rubino, Diana]

OCTOBER 16, 2017

The Ka by [Deal, Mary]

OCTOBER 17, 2017

Shadow of the Wolf by [Archibald, Malcolm]   The Reviled (Dark Fey Book 1) by [Morgan, Cynthia A.]

OCTOBER 20, 2017

A Wild Rough Lot: Whaling and Sealing from the Moray Firth by [Archibald, Malcolm]   The Malvern Mystery by [Swift, Helen Susan]

OCTOBER 21, 2017

Den of Dark Angels by [McKinnon, Kenna]   The Patriot Joe Morton by [DeVault, Michael]

OCTOBER 22, 2017

High Plains Holiday (Love on the High Plains Book 1) by [Beaudelaire, Simone]   Broken by [Chrysler, Angela B.]

OCTOBER 24, 2017

Flushed by [Mulak, Joseph]

OCTOBER 27, 2017

Mother of Wolves (Evalyce Worldshaper Book 1) by [d'Merricksson, J. Aislynn]

OCTOBER 28, 2017

A Ripple of Fear (The Fears of Dakota Book 1) by [Northup, J.M.]   Sisters of Ruin (Lucent Book 1) by [Lewis, Darren]

OCTOBER 29, 2017

Angel by [Norris, Alex]   The Desolate Garden by [Kemp, Daniel]

OCTOBER 30, 2017

The Handfasters by [Swift, Helen Susan]

Related image

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