#Bookreview of REVEALED: Brides of the Kindred by Evangeline Anderson

REVEALED: Brides of the Kindred by Evangeline Anderson


Nadiah has the Sight—the ability to see into the future. But the one thing she can’t see is how she’s ever going to be free of the blood bond her parents forced her into when she was only six. Her fiancée is an evil bastard who delights in torturing her and her only way out of a loveless marriage is for a Kindred warrior to challenge the hated bond. But Nadiah has no warrior to challenge for her—she just has Rast.

Adam Rast doesn’t know why he feels so protective and possessive of Nadiah, only that he’s willing to kill or die to protect her. When the chance to set her free arises, he takes it without hesitation, even though his lack of Kindred blood could mean his defeat or even his death. But Rast has a secret, one even he doesn’t know he possesses. When he undertakes Nadiah’s quest, the truth comes out in a strange and provocative way.

Can Nadiah and Rast live through their ordeal? Will the truth about Rast set them free…or kill them? You’ll have to read Revealed to find out.


This is, hands down, my favorite book so far in this series.  And I’ll tell you why.  As mentioned in some of the less favorable reviews, the other Kindred brides were flawed and weak, having to overcome their own issues before they accepted the bonding with their Kindred males.  There was a lot of drama, see-sawing back and forth, which makes a good story, but can be a bit drawn out, like with Lauren and Xairn.  But, with Nadiah and Rast, it was the total opposite.  Rast was the person that had issues to overcome. 

We were introduced to Rast in Found, and he wasn’t a very likable character.  But, we knew there was more to him than met the eye.  He was, after all, a Kindred, he just didn’t realize it.  It’s his past and what type of Kindred he is that takes up down this fun story line.  Once I understood his background, the loss of his dear, older sister, and how his mother and father perceived him, I couldn’t help but feel for the poor guy. 

Nadiah, on the other hand, is a great strong female lead.  Though young, she knew she always wanted to be bonded with a Kindred Warrior.  But her pure blood Tranq Primd parents had other plans.  When she was barely a baby, she was blood bonded to another pure blood Tranq Prime male, Y’dex.  Y’dex is a cruel, evil man, who you’ll love to hate.  He only sees Nadiah as a possession, someone he can torture through the blood bond their parents established between them.  The only way Nadiah can break the blood bond is if a Kindred warrior challenges Y’dew.  Even though everyone thought Rast was Human, and not Kindred, he accepted the challenge, and him and Nadiah went to Traq Prim to challenge Y’dex. This is my favorite part of the book. 

Because it was Rast going through the inner turmoil’s, I feel we get to know him better than any of the other Kindred warriors.  Even Xairn.  I feel Nadiah and Rast make the best couple, so far, out of all the ones we’ve been introduced to at this point.

My only complaint, which I mentioned before, is all the proofreading errors.  At this time I’ve already read book 6, and Evangeline did finally hire a better editor, but there are still problems in book 6.  So, sadly, I’m going to have to bump my review down to 4 feathers. 

If you’re looking for a long alien romance series, you need to give the Kindred Brides a try. I highly recommend it.

Peacock, Birds, Blue, Animals, Animal Peacock, Birds, Blue, Animals, Animal Peacock, Birds, Blue, Animals, Animal Peacock, Birds, Blue, Animals, Animal 


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