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Scepter by [Collins, Scott L.]

SCEPTER By Scott L Collins


Daniel and Aidan have spent their lives apart from the rest of the kingdom of Castiglias and its subjects. For the last three years, they have been left with only each other for company since King Argyle’s men came and took their parents to be slaves. The boys’ survival has been dependent on the lessons learned from their parents, as well as their own unique powers.

When Argyle’s men come to take Daniel, Aidan uses his little-known gift to fight off the gathering party. He does so with only two goals in mind: to save his older brother from a lifetime of serving Argyle, and then escape together. Fleeing the only home they have ever known, they must avoid Argyle’s men, werewolves, and a fire-breathing dragon looking for an easy meal.

What begins as a fight to save one boy and then disappear unexpectedly turns into a battle against the evil forces of Argyle, a war that may affect the lives of not only the many children waiting to be taken, but the existence of the kingdom itself.


How far would you go to save your older brother?  That’s a question Aidan has to answer when his brother, Daniel, turns 14 and is now the target of Argyle and his evil henchmen.  Scott Collins takes us on a fanciful journey as two brothers use their special abilities to escape the dark ruler, but also end up fighting for the other children being stolen and taken as slaves into the mines.  Along the way, they team up with sisters Olivia and Lily, who have talents of their own.  This is a delightful tale, and I really enjoyed the characters and the adventures that the four children encountered.  So much, that I’ve bought the second book in the series. 

Out of the two brothers, I liked Aidan’s character the best.  He’s quick tempered and impulsive, but he has a heart of gold.  I also love his special ability, and I’m sure most children would love to be him.  Aidan knows it’s up to them to save their world and repair the Scepter.  I can’t wait to see what troubles they get into next.   

My onlyu complaint about the tale, also expressed by other reviewers, is all the depicting of everyday life, IE eating, cooking, fetching water.  It does get quite tedious and cuts back on the pace of the story.  But I know Scott is rewriting the story, so hopefully, he’ll get this issue resolved. 

If you love YA books with adventure and magical creatures, you’ll enjoy this tale.  I highly recommend it and give it 4 feathers.


Scepter by [Collins, Scott L.]

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