#Bookreview of Worlds of the Never by C.J. Rutherford

#Bookreview of Worlds of the Never

by C.J. Rutherford


On Teralia, where magic has hidden for thousands of years, the Darkness arises to challenge the Veil spell. The barrier is weakening.

Magic is returning to the universe. Only an outsider can prevent the destruction of the Glade and the people she loves.

On Sanctuary, the supporters of Tenybris have taken control. The universe teeters on the brink of all out war.

Standing against them are Katheryne, the Foundation, prophesied to rid the universe of Tenybris forever, and Derren, the other half of her soul. Along with a small band of extraordinary friends, they need to raise an alliance against Sanctuary, but incur terrible losses along the way.

Unseen, the Beast plots the release of its Master. But Tenybris’s freedom is not enough to sate the monster’s depravity, as it sets out to corrupt and destroy whatever, and whoever it can.

This is the beginning of the end. Who will remain standing?


One bad thing about a series, whether book or movie, if you don’t read/watch the next one, you tend to forget what was happening.  Such is the problem I faced with this book.  I read the prequel, Origins of the Never back in late 2014 and Souls of the Never in mid 2015.  Click on the book covers to take you to my reviews.


But, once I got myself reacquainted with the  characters, and storyline, it didn’t take long to get back into it.  I’d forgotten how much action there was in the first book.  The second book is full of action too.  It does jump around from world-to-world, and from time-to-time, but we start to see where all of Olume’s plans from the prequel start to come together.  There was a reason why Kat’s mother and unborn sister had to die.  What Kat’s baby sister comes back as is AWESOME!! 

There’s a lot more world building, and we’re introduced to a new race from the planet Zhibalba.  All of their names begin with the letter ‘Z’, which I found quite unique.   They’re a reptilian race and I really liked their determination to continue in the face of adversity.  I thought they were believable and well-written.

As with all conflicts and war, people die, and so Kat faces the loss of another friend.  This part made me cry, as the character was one of my favorites, though she did change in this book.

What I didn’t like: Parts of the story were just to saccharine for me, too lovey-dovey and cutesy.  I know it’s a YA book, but my teeth still hurt.

All-in-all, a well-written tale with very believable characters.  I’ve already begun the last book.  All the characters are rushing toward a final confrontation, which I hope, will be a very dramatic conclusion.   I’ve been told by CJ, I’ll be weeping during this one too.

If you love sci-fi with epic world-building and alternate universe’s,  you’ll enjoy this series.  I give it 4 dragons.

Animal, Dragon, Fictional, Green, Monster, Mythical Animal, Dragon, Fictional, Green, Monster, Mythical Animal, Dragon, Fictional, Green, Monster, Mythical Animal, Dragon, Fictional, Green, Monster, Mythical


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