Meet Leo Kane and her book Heavensgate: Book 1 ‘Hope’



Meet Leo Kane and her book Heavensgate: Book 1 ‘Hope’

Tell us about your newest release Heavensgate.  What is the story about?

It is about a gentle child, Jacob, who accidentally sets fire to his home, killing his family. The trauma fragments his mind and gives birth to his taunting, psychotic, sex mad, alter ego, the very dangerous Jake and other characters who vie for control of Jacob’s fragile sanity.

It is also about finding Hope in the darkness of despair, as Jacob battles with himself and with supernatural entities, not all of which have his best interests in mind.

Who is the main character?

That depends on your POV! Jacob thinks he’s the main character, but Jake runs the storyline.

What inspired this tale?

My fascination with the supernatural coupled with the daily bombardment of bad news; the terrible things that people do to each other; the horrors that human beings survive because there is no other choice. And the miracle that, in the depths of grief and despair, most people find comfort in hope.

How did the story come to you?

I dreamt about being trapped, drowning under ice and being rescued by a spirit named Hope.

It may sound crazy,  but as the character Jacob says, ‘dreams can be like that.’

Did you have to research for this novel and if so, why?

Yes. I researched multiple / fragmented personality disorders, but I haven’t in any way attempted to present fictional Jacob/Jake as a true example of the condition.

The supernatural elements in the book simply joined in without any need for research!

If you did research, what do you think surprised you most to learn and why?

How common it is to suffer such deep depression that the psyche can no longer cope and, therefore, splits.

Do you relate to your character?

Only in so far as in my past work as a clinical hypnotherapist I met two people with several personalities they were not aware of and that were ruining their lives.

Is your protagonist anything like you personally?

No! Jacob is too introspective and indecisive. Neither am I like his alter ego, Jake. I hate bad manners and foul language; and I swear that I have never murdered anyone!

What made you write this character; what made them important to you or made you want to tell their story?

Once Jacob, Jake and Hope walked into my dreams, writing down their story was the only way that I could get any sleep.

Is there anything you specifically want readers to know about this piece of work?

The storyline in Heavensgate is dark and it’s spooky but not without humour and some good tunes along the way.

Oh, and don’t let the kids read it!

Okay, time to meet the main character:  Who are you?  What is your name?

That depends on which one of us you’re talking to, my name is Jacob Andersen. However, the Doc believes that I have multiple personalities.

Doc got his degree free from a packet of Wheaty Flakes!

Don’t listen to him, that’s Jake and he’s insane.

Are you a fictional or historical character?

I, Jacob, am real of course but Jake is fictional.

You’ll discover how f**k**g real I am jerk-off when you wake up screaming.

What should we know about you?

I am twice widowed; a bereaved father; and I am just trying to stay sane; survive and escape the ghosts that haunt me.

Shut the f*ck up Jacob for shit’s sake! No f**k*r cares about you!

Ignore that waste of skin; this book is about me, Jacob’s supposedly psychotic, sex crazed alter ego; the doer of his dirty deeds; his fall guy.

Jacob is an insignificant, yellow streak of chicken shit. He is presently, but not for much f**k**g longer, occupying the front seat of our mind.

Tell us about your story:  When and where is your tale set?

This part of our story ends in 2015 but I will never give up.

Where am I? I am in Heavensgate; a place you need a f**k**g bad miracle to find and a living hell that you can never leave.

We live in the Lodge, by beautiful Lake Disregard and the Alolejos Mountains, quite close to a pretty town, St Johns, in the USA.

or in the f**k**g Psychiatric Unit when the pussy needs a break from me.

What is your personal goal? I mean, what do you ultimately want?

I want my wife and son to come home and the cops to get off my back: I also very much want the ghosts and Jake to leave me alone and I am desperate for the pink Cadillac to stop its drive-by hauntings.

I want to get out of this f**k**g hell hole!

I want to torture that bitch, Hope, who took our f**k**g heart; who stood by and watched us being f**k**g abused; raped; accused of crimes we did not commit! I want Jacob to remember what he f**k**g did to me, what he did to the kid, Jacky and to anyone else sulking around in this shit hole that Jacob calls his sanity.

Ultimately I want total control of this mind, this body and this soul because they f**k**g belong to me!

What is standing in your way? What conflict(s) do you face?

Jake, because he is trying to steal my mind and open the Forbidden Book.

Jacob is in my way! He barbequed our family; he gave our f**k**g heart away to that bitch, Hope; he hid our memories in the Locked Room. He set the Judge on us and the bastard tried to kill me!

How do I get a copy of your book?

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:




Google Play:

Is it available now or when can we expect to see it released?

The paperback version is already available from Amazon in the UK and the States. The kindle version can be preordered to download on 1 May 2015. Heavensgate, Hope, is book one of a series of three Heavensgate stories but each can be read as a ‘stand alone’ novel. Book 2 Heavensgate – Joy is coming soon. The series will be translated into Spanish with the first book being available before Christmas.

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