My 3* #bookreview of Misguided Target by Jessica Page

My #bookreview of Misguided Target

by Jessica Page


A high-class escort. A navy seal on a leave of absence. A power struggle in Washington D.C.

After seven years in the escort business, Kendall has one final event to get through before she’s ready to move onto the next phase of her life. Kane Clarke is a thirty-five year old Navy Seals Lieutenant on encouraged leave, visiting Washington D.C. to meet his estranged brother.

Their lives connect after a fluke meeting in a bar, but neither one realizes that they share a connection that will change everything. Soon after, Senator James Clarke is kidnapped and Kendall targeted by hired killers. The pair is thrown into a wild ride of mystery and danger, as they try to figure out why Senator James Clarke has been taken, and why the vicious criminals are after Kendall.

Sex, deception and romance combine in Misguided Target, Jessica Page’s explosive debut thriller.


I don’t normally like alternating first person POV’s.  Mainly, because it’s confusing to the reader to know which person is now the POV.  Even when the author heads the scene with the name of the characters, it’s still confusing.  The problem is, most writers just aren’t skilled enough to pull if off.  If each character doesn’t have it’s own quirks and habits, they blend together.  But Jessica Page was able to pull this one off.  I still don’t like that type of POV, but I had no problem following the characters. 

For me, I thought this was a fast-paced story.  It’s not that long, and I read the book in 1 1/2 days.  I loved Kendall and Kane and the chemistry between them.  They played off each other very well. 

As for the storyline, it was pretty standard.  Boy meets girl, girl’s in trouble, boy helps girl, they have HEA.  There were no plot twists.  Nothing unexpected.  I felt this was an average read, and I did enjoy it. 

BUT!!!  Anymore, I try to give some leniency for proofreading errors, but this book was so chock-full of them, I have to take away one star.

If you like HEA, hunky SEALS,  and a fast story, you’ll probably enjoy this one.  I give it 3 feathers.

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