My 5 star #bookreview of The Loranth by Jean Kilczer


Enter Jules Rammis: exobiologist, traveler, reluctant hero.

While searching for the missing link among the mammal life of planet Tartarus, Jules finds more than what he was searching for among the great reptiles of this primal world. Deep beneath the surface, a spectacular culture of intelligent life forms quietly roams the sunken seas. After walking into the lair of a demented member of the species, Jules finds out that the creature plans to destroy humankind and intends to use him as a weapon.

Jules is thrown in a battle against an enemy with staggering telepathic powers and the ability to destroy entire worlds; even Earth. Will he prevail, or succumb when pitted against these impossible odds?

The Loranth is the first book in Jean Kilczer’s Star Sojourner series, a science fiction adventure. If you enjoy unique, well-written scifi with believable characters, you will love the Star Sojourner series.

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One bad thing about loading your kindle with a ton of books, you’ll miss a book you wish you’d read when you first downloaded it.  This is one such book.  Almost a year later, and here’s my review.

I really enjoyed this story.  The storytelling was a bit rough in places, but that didn’t take me out of the wonderful world that Kilczer built.  I was hooked from the first chapter as Christine discovers a partial skull of a species unknown on the planet Tartarus.  A planet full of reptiles, but no mammals.  But it’s what finds Christine that moves this story onward.

The main protagonist is Jules Rammis, a man running from a past mistake.  Though, he doesn’t see it that way.  To him, his reason for staying on Tartarus, and not home on Earth with his wife and child, is to track down the missing mammalian link.  It’s not until he’s made a hunter-slave by the evil Loranth, Kor, that he finally comes to terms with his past. 

The world Kilczer built is alive with very unique and different life forms.  Even the different aliens that came to study the planet are varied and interesting.  I love the fact that Kilczer used phrases unique to the story and planet.  That made everything so believable.  I felt I was right there with Jules and Jack as they went to confront the malicious Kor and stop his diabolical plans to destroy all Terrans. Did they make it in time? 

Though the story didn’t end with any cliffhangers, I felt invested enough in Jules to want to find out what the future holds for him.  Will his wife take him back?  So, I’ve bought the next book in the series.  I just hope it won’t take me a year to read it. 

If you love a fast-paced, suspenseful, sci-fi space story, then this one is for you.  I give it 5 feathers.

Angel, Feathers, Female, Magic Wand Angel, Feathers, Female, Magic Wand Angel, Feathers, Female, Magic Wand Angel, Feathers, Female, Magic Wand Angel, Feathers, Female, Magic Wand

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    Excellent review. The author will love you.

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