My #bookreview of ALIEN NIGHTMARES by Sharon Delarose

ALIEN NIGHTMARES by Sharon Delarose


    Explore the true-life chronicles of a UFO alien abductee as revealed through vividly creepy dreams and screen memories, haunted by mushroom-skinned beings who followed me for decades from Upstate, New York to Atlanta, Georgia.
    They came to me in early childhood, long before the advent of the internet and cable TV could put their faces in front of the world. Nobody was talking about little gray aliens, and yet my dreams were full of aliens and UFOs which left glowing circles in the back yard.
    Those childhood visitations coincided with some of the hottest periods of UFO activity in Upstate, New York:
    • The massive blackout of 1965 which shut down power over six states and a portion of Canada
    • The 1965 UFO crash in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania
    • The Great Ithaca Flap of UFO sightings in 1967-1968

        I lived in an amazing world full of terrifying creatures, whirlwinds, bizarre tasks and puzzles, and night visitors who took me and then left me feeling drugged. UFOs flew in and out of my dreams for decades and I’d wake up knowing that this dream was not like the others, especially when they left me utterly terrified. There was no such thing as a safe place and I knew it.

        As an adult, the UFO dreams followed by night terrors had me turning on all the lights afraid to go back to sleep. Even my cats took part in these alien nightmares, on one occasion being sandwiched in between the inner and outer window of my house as if stuck in an abduction gone awry.
        Faces rushed at me in the dark, and hands touched me as I laid in bed, even though nobody was in the house. This coincided with more UFO waves hitting the United States:

        • Wytheville, Virginia: 1500+ sightings in 1987-1988
        • Gulf Breeze, Florida: 200+ sightings from 1987-1992
        • Atlanta, Georgia: my UFO nightmares from 1987-1993, Atlanta being directly on the flight path between Wytheville and Gulf Breeze
          • Were these really just coincidences spanning decades from 1959 into the mid-1990s, including an incident where I went missing as a toddler?

            Decades marched on and the vivid imagery changed, with end-of-the-world scenarios that left me believing that I’d missed out on the Rapture.
            Who were they? What did they want? Remember the old saying, “Judge not, lest ye be judged?” Well it’s coming home to roost and it’s riding in on a UFO. Are the aliens the antichrist that the Bible warns of? Or are they our lifeboats to a brave new world? Do they bring a message of empowerment, or are we just rats in a maze? Whoever they are, one thing is certain: We cannot handle their truth.
            If you are a believer, you’ll see screen memories from an abductee. If you are a skeptic, you’ll see a child with a big imagination and an adult who experiences extraordinarily vivid UFO dreams. Either way, God help you if the nightmares ever come and haunt you…

          MY REVIEW:

          It takes a lot of courage to publish a book stating you’ve been an alien abductee.  Even in this ‘enlightened age,’ anyone claiming to have had personal contact with alien beings is scoffed at.  Most of us never talk about it, to anyone.
          I’m about the same age as Sharon Delarose, and I’ve had my own encounters, but I never knew what they were until I was much older.  Just lots of very strange, powerful dreams and I grew up with an end-of-the-world mindset.  Sharon had her repeat dreams; mine were tornados, war in the US and alien invasions.  Some of them were prophetic, like the tornados, as 2011 was called the Year of the Tornados.  I also had flying dreams and what I always considered Out Of Body dreams, but I’m not so sure now.  I’d wake up so bone-freezing cold and it would take an hour for me to warm up.  Once I found myself levitating on the bed.  My husband told me I’d done that before.
          I also had some very frightening, paranormal experiences in the house I grew up in.  I always attributed them to an evil ghostly entity, but after reading some of the author’s screen dreams, I wonder if they were actually alien abductions.  And Sharon is right; they leave you alone once you hit your late thirties / early forties.
          If you’re a skeptic, nothing you read will change your mind.  But then, maybe you’re in denial.  But, if you’re experiencing strange, unaccountable dreams, you might find this well written book very insightful.    Thank you for publically talking about a hidden secret so many of us share.  I give my 5 feathers.


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