My #bookreview of HEAVENSGATE (JOY) by Leo Kane

My #bookreview of HEAVENSGATE (JOY)

by Leo Kane


Joy, the unloved child of the local virgin miraculously resurrects years after drowning in the North Sea.

Everyone craves her company, but no-one remembers her for more than a fleeting moment.

Stalked by Death, Joy becomes trapped in Heavensgate where she falls victim to the demonic supernatural, Jake.

She is willing to sacrifice her immortal soul for his love.

He wants to defile and destroy her.

Can she escape Heavensgate, or will the Beast steal Joy from the Mortal Realm?


This is the second book in the Heavensgate triology, and it’s not a standalone.  If you haven’t read the first book, you’ll be lost in this one.  You can read my review of Heavengate here.  The first book was a roller coaster ride as it flip flopped from past to present, and it was quite confusing.  But I think Leo Kane has restructured her book since then.  I thought the first book was full of high emotions and depravity.  Not even close.  The second book surpassed it.  I  didn’t that would be possible.

Heavensgate Joy starts right where the first one ended.  As I started reading it, the story made no sense to me.  I understood some of the elements of what had happened to Jacob and Jake, but who was Joy?  And what connection did she have to Hope?  Why was Death after Hope and why did Hope steal Joy’s heart?  Some of these questions I don’t think were really answered. 

So I’m reading along, trying to make sense of the storyline when suddenly Floating Dragon by Peter Strauss popped into my mind.  When I was younger that was such a confusing book.  I couldn’t get my head wrapped around.  That’s how I felt with this one.  But I pressed one, partly because I had promised an honest review, and partly because of the writing.  It was so compelling, it just drew me along.  Even though I didn’t understand who the characters were and why they were fighting for, or against Jake, I had to know more. 

In the first book, I never realized Hope was an immortal, and Jake was trying to kill her for his Master.  I thought she was a vengeful ghost.  So that element of book one was clarified. 

I don’t want to give away any of the story, as the journey of reading this book is half the fun.  It’s masterfully written, though it could use some editing.  Dialogue from two people shouldn’t be placed in the same paragraph. there were also a lot of commas missing which can change the meaning of a sentence.  I had to reread quite a few of them just to make sure I understood what the author intended.

As for the characters, I felt for Joy and her terrible childhood, and her struggle to understand, and remember, who she was.  Leo Kane evokes such strong emotions for her characters.  Like Jake.  Hate, him, maybe love him as you think he redeems himself, then hate him again. 

If you love richly detailed characters and settings, and a journey through tormented minds, then you’ll love this book.  I give it 4 feathers.  As a side note, I LOVE this book cover.

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