My #bookreview of TIMELESS by Craig Gaydas


My #bookreview of TIMELESS

by Craig Gaydas


The Consortium has been shattered. Mankind has nearly been eradicated, and Caelum is close to civil war. The galaxy is in disorder, and the Insurgents are out of allies and time. Despite the assistance of the ancient collective known as the Twelve Timeless, they are failing.

Even worse, Nathan is drifting ever deeper into a darkness he never experienced before. He is losing a little piece of himself with every death of someone close to him. Can he become the man he needs to be to save the universe, and himself?

The third book in the Cartographer science fiction series,Timeless will take you on a thought-provoking journey through the galaxy, as Nathan Chambers enters a fight against an overwhelming enemy and strives to fulfill his destiny.


All I can say is WOW.  What a jaw-dropping ending to a fabulous series.  I do have to admit, I kinda figured out how this would end by the last couple of chapters, but it was so masterfully written, that the ending still left me stunned.  My mind was whirling with all the implications and ramifications of what Nathan had endured to complete the circle.

Reborn set on my kindle for over a year and Timeless set for almost a year.  But once I read book two, I had to start the last one.  That’s how involved I became in the storyline.  Book three is the darkest one of the series.  Nathan has now been reborn as a fighter instead of some naive teenager.  He’s had to face the painful loss of his hand, loss of Earth, and loss of many friends.  Because of all these, a darker nature emerges.  How much further will he go to avenge all the senseless wrongs perpetrated by the Consortium and Calypso?  And now, he must face the ultimate betrayal. 

As with the first two books, there is a ton of action and adventure, and we meet more new characters and species.  I did think the middle of the book slowed down a bit, but there was a lot of ground to cover for the plot.  So, it was understandable. Believe me, the ending made up for it.  Other than Nathan, my favorite character was Grillick. 

What I didn’t like, the over use of sour this & sour that.  Everyone had sour faces or words.  The other two books had proofreading problems, which I overlooked as they didn’t interfere with my reading pleasure, but this one just had too many.  So I have to knock down my rating by one star. 

If you’re looking for a wonderful, YA, space saga / adventure, they you need to read this book series.  I give it my 4 feathers.

Goose, Bird, Feather, Water Bird Goose, Bird, Feather, Water Bird Goose, Bird, Feather, Water Bird Goose, Bird, Feather, Water Bird


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