#Newrelease Meet BAD KITTY and her two bad boys


Meet BAD KITTY and her two bad boys


When you make the Devil’s bargain, be prepared to take the heat. A lot of heat.
Most of cat-girl Xia’s early memories are repressed, thank the Great Cat Mother. But her body remembers how to kill.
The longer she and her fellow Malcolm crewmates are holed up on lawless Cibari hiding from assassins, the twitchier she gets—until the planet’s insanely sexy warlord, Rahal Mizyar, borrows her skills to take out slavers.
Rahal suspects Xia is his mate, but the human-raised female never learned the finer points of felinoid rituals. The solution: make her fall hard and fast for him, even if it means playing dirty.
Hired to determine if Xia is the long-missing granddaughter of the felinoid prime minister, Cal Janssen has finally tracked her down. Getting past Rahal, though, is a problem—until he’s mistaken for a notorious arms dealer and playboy. And he finds himself the object of both Rahal’s and Xia’s seduction.
When their first mission brings Xia’s memories bulleting back to the surface, she realizes she’s fallen for two men who don’t exist. Running away, however, could be her deadliest mistake.
Warning: Contains an assassin with a swiss cheese memory, a badass warlord who’s getting tired of his own con, and a freelance lawman. Secrets, lies, and hot sex with no rules.


Series blurb:

In the 26th century, humans and numerous alien races share the galaxy. Technology has advanced massively. Old Earth is a vast preserve and museum, and humans have spread to the stars. But some things remain the same. Love, lust, and money motivate both humans and other sentient species. Politics can get ugly. And crime can pay very well indeed.
Meet the crew of the independent freighter Malcolm. They usually succeed in keeping things only a little bit illegal. But then a seemingly legit job goes supernovaand they’re on the run, hiding from assassins, a planetary government, and their own dark pasts.
It’s the perfect time to fall in love!

 Plotty excerpt (in which we learn why our heroine’s the way she is):

Fourteen Standard Years Ago, An Alley on Lysander
Xia licked her bloodied right claws with a small, slightly bristled pink tongue, then made a face. Nastynastynasty nasty. Not only was he a bad man, like her trainer Olo told her, a man who liked to hurt little girls like her (and most little girls on Lysander didn’t have claws and fangs to defend themselves like she did, or Olo to teach them how to do it), he’d been taking some drug that made his blood taste icky. She’d tasted human blood before. It was surprisingly tasty, no worse than blood from prey. But this man’s blood was bitter. She had a feeling that if she had more than that tiny taste, she’d end up getting sick.
She might just get sick anyway. All the blood. This driftdwell wasn’t her first kill, but he was her first human target, the closest yet to her own species. The Delebrian hadn’t bled nearly this much. Besides, he had scales, so she could pretend he was just a snake, ordinary prey. He’d even tasted a bit like one when she’d cleaned the blood off her claws and hands. The Blemondian’s blood had been green, so it didn’t seem like blood she had to think much about. He was prey, like the gingoids she caught in the alleys when Olo hadn’t given her enough to eat. Human blood was red, though, just like a felinoid’s. Like hers. No way she could pretend this prey wasn’t a sentient like her, even if he was a terrible person who hurt other kids. (And probably did a lot of other bad things too, if someone hired Olo and his team to get rid of him.)
Besides, this blood wasn’t all from the target.
Olo had said to let him get close, do whatever she had to do to lure him. Just like the other times, only this one had been on his guard, so she had to let him touch her. Do things to her. He’d said sickly sweet things to her while he touched her, but hurt her worse than Olo and the others ever had when they were trying to make her strong. They’d only hurt her on the outside, but this was inside and it hurt a lot.
Xia thought she might cry. But tough felinoids didn’t cry. She was seven. Nearly a grown-up, they told her, although she was still awfully small compared to Olo and the other adults. But Olo was big even for a Furagi, and she was a felinoid. It had been so long since she’d seen an adult of her species that she couldn’t remember how tall they got, but people said they were on the small side. So she was almost a grown-up, and grown-ups didn’t cry.

Sexy excerpt (cat-boy and cat-girl in action):

“Let’s put it this way. You agree to my offer, you get me. Any way you want, for as long as you want.”
“I’m not sure it counts as a good bribe,” Rahal said. “I’m all in for sexytimes with you, don’t get me wrong. But you’ve flat out said you’d sleep with me, so I’ll need more than that to consider it a bargain, not just a good time between two people who want each other already.”
Time for a careless shrug and studying her nails nonchalantly. “I never sleep with anyone. Never spend the night. But I will with you if you want. And, yeah, I was going to sex you once. No one ever gets more than once, even if they’re as good as you probably think you are. But you’ll get me all you want if you let Mik and Gan off the hook. No limits.” Then she narrowed her eyes. “If you say no, I’m out the door and you will never touch me again. But if any harm comes to my fathers because of this little plot of yours, I’ll be the one doing the touching.”
“In a life-ending sort of way?”
“In a life-ending sort of way. When you least expect it. I don’t care how tough you are or how good your bodyguards are. Sooner or later, you’ll slip up and I’ll be there.” Not an empty threat, she realized. He was good. He was probably way better than she was. But if he harmed her family, he was dead.
Rahal laughed. It sounded menacing, but mischievous, and definitely erotic. It made her shiver with lust right down to the tip of her tail. She hoped she wouldn’t have to cut off her chance to taste more of the beautiful body she’d enjoyed.
“You are so sexy, Xia. Hot and evil and good at the same time, and good’s something I don’t see enough of. You make death threats seem like the most erotic thing ever. I’ve had plenty and, trust me, they don’t usually affect me that way. So I’ll take you up on this, make you the face of my campaign to stop child abuse and slavery. Leave your dads out of it. In exchange, you’ll share my bed every night for as long as I find it entertaining. Which might be a long time.”
A cold lump formed in her stomach at the words share my bed, but she’d find a way to deal. After all, she’d just told him her deep, dark secret, that she’d been a slave herself. And maybe he’d wear her out so much she wouldn’t be able to find the dark place, so he wouldn’t hear her whimper. “Deal,” she said, extending her hand.
He shook her hand. “Deal. But I can think of better ways to formalize it than a handshake.”
She tried to keep her cool. She really did. But what came out of her mouth was “Great stars, yes. Here. Now.”
“Hands and knees.” His voice deepened to a rumbling, prurient purr. When she didn’t drop quickly enough for his taste, he gave her a little shove.
She didn’t stumble and she figured he didn’t expect her to. Balance was too well engrained in their species, an instinct that, even spending most of her life among clumsy species like humans and Furagi couldn’t dim. Instead of an awkward fall, she used the energy of his push to spring to the ground, landing on all fours. She looked back over her shoulder, arched the long length of her spine and bared her fangs at Rahal in challenge. Her tiny wrap skirt and halter wouldn’t be in the way, but she untied a few knots and let them fall to the floor.
Naked was better.
She crouched lower on her hands, raising her now-naked ass in the air, spread her legs wider to show off her wet sex then curved her tail high and to one side. Without even thinking about it, she growled deep in her throat.
He slithered out of his pants. Then he pounced, a graceful, lithe movement that ended with her as trapped as any prey she’d ever caught, his teeth at the back of her neck. “Mine,” he chortled. “Mine, mine, mine.” His voice went singsong.

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Author bio:

Teresa Noelle Roberts started writing stories in kindergarten and she hasn’t stopped yet. A prolific author of short erotica, she’s also a published poet and fantasy writer—but hot paranormals and BDSM-spiced contemporaries were her favorites until she realized science-fiction romances offered new possibilities for outrageous adventure, wild sex and love that overcomes serious obstacles, including being from different species! Find her at www.teresanoelleroberts.com, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTeresaNoelleRoberts, or on Twitter, where she hangs out as @TeresNoeRoberts.

About Sahara Foley

Bio: Until my husband died on Christmas 2012, I never thought about becoming a writer. In fact, the act of writing a story terrified me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved reading, just never had the knack for writing. The thought of writing dialogue scared the bejeebers out of me. See, Bob was the writer. He wrote stories for years but could never get a traditional publisher interested enough to publish even one. Now I understand why, as they were unpolished outlines. Then, after 30 years together, Bob passed away and my life was turned upside down.

About a month later, I was sitting around my apartment, trying to adjust to the worst event in my life, when a little voice spoke to me. Why not publish Bob’s stories? To be truthful, ever since the advent of self-publishing, I always wanted too, that’s how much I believed in his stories. But I knew I would have to fight him for every little change I made to his outlines. Sorry, honey, but they had to be done.

So, I pulled out the box of stories, dusted them off, and started on a new adventure: The World of Self-Publishing. Boy, did I have a lot to learn. I finally published several short stories early in 2014, then my horror novella, It Lives in the Basement. While I was working on them, I was slowly learning the craft of writing, and getting The Secret of Excalibur ready for publication. Excalibur was my favorite story of them all, and in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted a publisher. One day on Twitter, I ran across a tweet from Creativia Publishing, and that was another game changer for me. I signed up with them in December of 2014, and it was the best decision I’ve made.

One thing I’ve discovered on my new adventure, are all the really awesome and talented Indie Authors. If you find the right community of Indie Authors, all they want to do is help each other. I found that I love promoting them and their books, so that’s how I setup my blog. For readers to meet Indie Authors.

Anyway, enough about me. Here’s all my contact information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/booksbysaharafoley

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaharaFoley

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/saharafoley/

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SaharaFoley/posts

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Sahara-Foley/e/B00J9ST32U/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

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