November 2017 #99cent #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS 16th to 30th


Well, here we are, Thanksgiving just next week.  WOW! So, to all my followers and subscribers, Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

I also want to apologize to my newsletter subscribers about the links to the 99 cent & free books not working.  They were fine in the sample email I sent to myself.  I’m not sure why they didn’t work when it went live.  I didn’t have time to send out a corrected newsletter, and I know most subscribers don’t like excessive emails.  I assumed most of you would have already bookmarked my site anyway.

So, here are the books for the rest of November. As always, click on the covers to preview a sample. And, Please, Please, any books you do read, leave a review. Thank you.

November 2017 #99cent #Amazon #Ebooks by @CreativiaPub AUTHORS 16th to 30th

NOVEMBER 16, 2017

Wolfsangel by [Dizon, John Reinhard]   Holy Remedy (The Invisible Conflict Chronicles Book 1) by [Martins, J. G.]

The Congregation by [Griffiths-Jones, A.J.]   Sasha by [Porter, Brian L.]

NOVEMBER 17, 2017

Ogre's Lament: The Story of Don Luis by [Yates, Stuart G.]   Viv's Family Recipes by [Sang, V.M.]

Choices (New Beginnings Book 1) by [Lynn, Michelle]   Legend of the Guardians (The Astorians Book 1) by [Marini, Nina]

NOVEMBER 18, 2017

Summer of Fire (The Black River Chronicles Book 1) by [Surgeson, L.G.]   Dawn of the Dreamer (Dreamer Trilogy Book 1) by [Higgins, L.J.]

NOVEMBER 19, 2017

The Saucer Club by [Gallant, A.J.]   I Was Murdered Last Night (Olivia Brown Mysteries Book 1) by [Gallant, A.J.]

Looking for Henry Turner by [Liberman, W.L.]   Through a Window by [Love, Elizabeth N.]

House Of Courtenay by [Tetreault-Blay, Chris]

NOVEMBER  20, 2017

One Flesh by [Sweet, Nick]  Maria Woodworth-Etter: The Mother of Pentecost by [Littlewood, David]

God's Last Witness: The fight to unearth the biggest cover-up in the history of the Catholic Church by [Steele, John Alexander]   Penniless Hearts by [Gaal, Eve]

NOVEMBER 21, 2017

The Sandman Cometh by [Yates, Stuart G.]   Lament For Darley Dene by [Yates, Stuart G.]

Fly Toward Death by [Laughlin, Sally A.]   The Tragic Tale of William Papper by [Covell, Mike]

NOVEMBER 22, 2017

Ring Fenced by [Abrams, Zach]   The Pariahs by [Hofstatter, Erik]

The Tweedie Passion by [Swift, Helen Susan]   Strange Tales of Scotland by [Strange, Jack]

NOVEMBER 23, 2017

Blackgang: The Trickerjack Trail by [Tetreault-Blay, Chris]   Saving Sam (The Wounded Warriors Book 1) by [Beaudelaire, Simone, Northup, J.M.]

The Career-Minded Student: How To Excel In Classes And Land A Job by [O' Donnell, Neil]   The Fireside Collection by [Lamoreux, Daniel D.]

NOVEMBER 24, 2017

Ava and the Goblin Prince by [Littlewood, David]   Sheba: From Hell to Happiness by [Porter, Brian L.]

Legends of Lemuria by [Decker, Scott Michael]   The Cardboard Spaceship (To Brave The Crumbling Sky Book 1) by [Snee, Matt, Chirlin, Gregg]

NOVEMBER 25, 2017

The Devil's Agent: Fear is your weakness by [Steele, John Alexander]   The Tide of Terror by [Yates, Stuart G.]

Benjamin & Rumblechum by [McKinnon, Kenna, Brinson, Emma Shirley]   Dreams (New Beginnings Book 3) by [Lynn, Michelle]

NOVEMBER 26, 2017

Window on the Forth by [Archibald, Malcolm]   Contrasting Lives by [Dempster, Leah]

Fate of the Fallen by [Lewis, Darren]   Spell of the Black Unicorn (Chronicles of Zofia Trickenbod Book 1) by [Bell, Lorelei]

Earthbound: Science Fiction in the Old West (Chronicles of the Maca Book 1) by [Collier, Mari]

NOVEMBER 27, 2017

Through Shade and Shadow (Shades and Shadows Book 1) by [Case, Natalie J.]   Strawberries by [Bartsch, Casey]

Marsha's Deal by [Solomon, Laura]

NOVEMBER 28, 2017

Penny Flame by [Dizon, John Reinhard]   Amberlin - Divine Destiny (Amberlin Series Book 1) by [Swift, W. Bradford]

NOVEMBER 29, 2017

The Villagers by [Griffiths-Jones, A.J.]   The Wolf Pack (The Wolves of Vimar Book 1) by [Sang, V.M.]

Knights of the Dragon (Of Knights & Wizards Book 1) by [Gallant, A.J.]   Protective Hearts by [Williams, D.S.]

NOVEMBER 30, 2017

Tiara by [Dizon, John Reinhard]   Polar Heat by [Beaudelaire, Simone]

Acolyte (The Wildermoor Apocalypse Book 1) by [Tetreault-Blay, Chris]   Dawn of Rebellion (Dawn of Rebellion Series Book 1) by [Lynn, Michelle]

The Clayton Chronicles by [Stark, Edwin]


These books are always free through Kindle Unlimited.

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