Ten thousand years from now, the world is a very different place.

Running away from home in pursuit of their dreams, Don and Janet stop along the highway for a quick night’s rest. Yet when they awake, they find Earth has been ravaged by nuclear war.

Dangers lie at every turn, but Janet and Don are soon befriended by a nomadic tribe that roams the small zone not contaminated by radiation. Little more than slaves to the Ganu — the powerful and dominant ruling tribe — they hail Don as their mythical and prophesied savior. Forced into a battle to the death, can Don and Janet save their friends from tyrannical rule?

Engrossing and fast-paced, We Journey No More is a thought-provoking look at a distant future.

Readers’ Favorite Reviews:

Reviewed By Eileen Johnson – 4 stars

In We Journey No More, Sahara Foley has created a great story that will appeal to those readers interested in a realistic fantasy. The customs of the tribe they join are interesting and the history of the tribe is well developed. While I would have liked to see additional character development, We Journey No More is a good read with an interesting plot. The end of the book had me cheering for Don and Janet. Would love to see a sequel to this book…and perhaps a prequel that further defines the events that led to this book. A fun book and quick read. Read it!

Reviewed By Roy T. James – 4 stars

We Journey No More by Sahara Foley is a story with intrigue at every turn as well as a looming atmosphere of adventure. The bulwarks of the new society or culture confronting Don and Janet, like getting halved in place of getting married, are presented with imagination. However, the fact that the story is taking place a thousand years from now could have been shown intuitively by an appropriate ambiance, catapulting this tale to greater heights. This is a very good read, with all the characters and events reflecting a high degree of ingenuity and clever manipulation.

Reviewed By K.C. Finn – 4 stars

Donald Giroux and Janet Bartinski are a typical pair of American kids looking for escape in the early 1990s. Thinking themselves capable and well-informed on the world, they set out with optimism and love on their side, and both these things are sorely tested as they encounter a whole new place and time less than twenty-four hours into their grand adventure. Author Sahara Foley expresses their youthful spirit with snappy dialogue and quick prose that immediately engages the reader and keeps you rocketing through the storyline. I particularly enjoyed the fascinating and somewhat brutal world of the tribal people, and found myself wishing that the novel was a little longer to fully cement the beginning of the fascinating world-building. Overall, We Journey No More was a thrilling little YA read.


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