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On mining Colony 52, it’s just another Christmas Eve.  Or is it?

Deaks's counting down the seconds until Christmas, the day he lost everything, when he’s interrupted by a soft knock on his door, and a cry for help.  Will he answer the plea, or end his unbearable grief?


Silent Night - a short story by Sahara Foley


Silent Night by Sahara Foley is truly a mesmerizing tale. I was under the story's spell as soon as I picked it up and I couldn't put it down until the very end. I was appalled in some places, I was grieving in others, and cried tears with main character. This is a thought provoking story and dramatizes some of the political/religious issues we face now. It may seem a little exaggerated, but it gets the author's point across. Deak's story may seem bleak and hopeless, but in the end, Deak reminds us that there is hope and that healing is right around the corner where our friends live. - Susan Sewell 4 Stars

Until my husband, Bob, died, I never had a muse.  Now, he's my muse and his stories are mine.  Over the years since he passed, I've been publishing the outlines he started but never finished.  Except this one.  Silent Night is my own, and it's only available in this exclusive offer to sign up for my  NEWSLETTER.   If you like fantasy, paranormal, and a dash of horror, click on the pretty blue button   🙂 

What Readers are saying about Sahara Foley's storytelling. 


Sahara Foley is a literary magician.
It Lives In The Basement: Sahara Foley keeps you turning the pages as you continually look over your shoulder.

We Journey No More: I recommend Ms. Foley's YA novel. It’s fun and clever. A great read. 


 The Secret of Excalibur: Sahara Foley has definitely brought something new and refreshing on the Arthurian tales.
 The Revenge of Excalibur: Readers can enjoy the bizarre twists of Foley's unpredictable plot with a tongue in cheek attitude, laughing at the strange intrusions from aliens, brains, and the like.