My #bookreview of DANIEL’S FORK by Zeece Lugo

 DANIEL’S FORK by Zeece Lugo 



A vicious killer lurks in the dark woods of Daniel’s Fork. Cunning, daring, unrelenting, driven by a powerful obsession, he has killed with impunity for years, evading capture and justice. But now, a new adversary has come to town, and the hunt is on!

In a world without forensics, technology, science, with only the help of the village “witch” and his trusted companions, can William Evers, the new lord of Daniel’s Fork, catch the serial killer that has plagued the village for seven years and save the lovely Susanna from a fate worse than death?

Begin a journey to the future past, to a place 200 years in the future where humanity thrives as it starts over again. Meet Will Evers, the daring, arrogant, handsome new lord of Daniel’s Fork as he endeavors to catch an elusive killer and prove himself a worthy leader. Join his loyal companions and lovers whose only religion is their love for each another. Watch Setiyah, the wise healer, as she endeavors to resist and at the same time, accept, the roguish new lord.

At Daniel’s Fork, you’ll find no zombies, no post-apocalyptic terror, no technology, no religion, no monsters other than the human kind. Earth the way it should be. Mankind still driven by passion!



This tale starts 100 years after a pandemic wiped out a large portion of the population.  The survivors settled into small towns and settlements, one of them Daniel’s Fork, named by the founder.  The democratic government has now been replaced with a feudal type system.  After the death of the current Lord, a new
Lord has been assigned to Daniel’s Fork, and that’s where the story starts.

This story has 2 underlining plots, one between the healer, Setiyah, and the new Lord, William Evers.  And the other one, the unsolved murders of young men who were seeking the hand of a young village girl named Susanna.  All of her suitors ended up either murdered or mysteriously disappearing.

I really enjoyed the verbal fencing between the Lady Setiyah and William the Gorgeous.  I chuckled several times over the antics of Becca and Flora as they insinuated themselves into the Lord’s household.  My favorite scene is when Commander Evers answers the door in the nude, setting the gaggle of women to exclaiming over his well-endowed manly physique.

There are quite a few secondary characters, one of which is gay.  There is an M/M sexual encounter, which surprised me, more by the two men that were involved.

Myself, I found it a very light, enjoyable, fantasy story, and I look forward to seeing where the storyline and characters go.  I give it 4 feathers.


About Sahara Foley

Bio: Until my husband died on Christmas 2012, I never thought about becoming a writer. In fact, the act of writing a story terrified me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved reading, just never had the knack for writing. The thought of writing dialogue scared the bejeebers out of me. See, Bob was the writer. He wrote stories for years but could never get a traditional publisher interested enough to publish even one. Now I understand why, as they were unpolished outlines. Then, after 30 years together, Bob passed away and my life was turned upside down. About a month later, I was sitting around my apartment, trying to adjust to the worst event in my life, when a little voice spoke to me. Why not publish Bob’s stories? To be truthful, ever since the advent of self-publishing, I always wanted too, that’s how much I believed in his stories. But I knew I would have to fight him for every little change I made to his outlines. Sorry, honey, but they had to be done. So, I pulled out the box of stories, dusted them off, and started on a new adventure: The World of Self-Publishing. Boy, did I have a lot to learn. I finally published several short stories early in 2014, then my horror novella, It Lives in the Basement. While I was working on them, I was slowly learning the craft of writing, and getting The Secret of Excalibur ready for publication. Excalibur was my favorite story of them all, and in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted a publisher. One day on Twitter, I ran across a tweet from Creativia Publishing, and that was another game changer for me. I signed up with them in December of 2014, and it was the best decision I’ve made. One thing I’ve discovered on my new adventure, are all the really awesome and talented Indie Authors. If you find the right community of Indie Authors, all they want to do is help each other. I found that I love promoting them and their books, so that’s how I setup my blog. For readers to meet Indie Authors. Anyway, enough about me. Here’s all my contact information: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google Plus: Amazon Author Page:
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