My #bookreview of KISS OF LIFE by Brian L Porter

KISS OF LIFE by Brian L Porter


Every night Alan Dexter has the same dream: he’s being seduced by his former colleague, Christina. Suddenly, two of her perfectly white teeth turn into fangs.
Dexter is always the skeptical journalist, but his feeling that Christina must be in danger only grows when he discovers she disappeared over two months ago in the mysterious Carpathian Mountains.
Will Alan find Christina in time, and what evil still lurks in the heart of Transylvania?


Freelance reporter, Alan Dexter, accepts an assignment in Bucharest, Transylvania to investigate the mysterious deaths of five people whose bodies were drained of blood.  His contact in Bucharest is the sexy, journalist Christina Radaluc.  Dexter, as he likes to call himself, scoffs at the idea of vampires, but soon, he might have to change his beliefs.
This is a pretty standard plot for a vampire story.  No hidden surprises.  You know how it’s going to end from the first chapter.  The only slight twist is how Dexter and Karen meet their fate.
The description of the surroundings and places was interesting and in-depth.  I felt like I was right there in the freezing countryside.  The characters were a different story.  I couldn’t relate to Dexter or Christina.  I thought Dexter was too full of himself, but I think that’s from Brian Porter’s writing style.  There was something about his writing that really put me off.  Plus, I thought the dialogue was flat, no spark between the characters, other than what you read in Dexter’s mind.
For all the accolades at the back of the book, I thought I was missing something.  So I started rereading the story, but no, it’s his writing.  He uses a lot nice vocabulary, but the sentence structures are too wordy and full of redundancy.
If you like vampires and a dark tale, you’ll probably find this a good read.  Myself, I feel its average, so I give it 3 feathers. 



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