My #bookreview of REBORN (The Cartographer Book Two) by Craig Gaydas

My #bookreview of REBORN (The Cartographer Book Two) by Craig Gaydas


Mankind faced extinction centuries ago, but with the help of the intergalactic Consortium they were rescued from the brink of destruction. This time, Nathan Chambers will have to fight a war on two fronts if he hopes to prevent their demise. The conflict will test the strength of his friendships, the strength of his body and the strength of his character, and he will need to shed his naive teenage persona and be reborn as the defender his allies desperately need.

Reborn introduces the Twelve Timeless, ancient survivors of a universal catastrophe who pledge their help to Nathan’s cause. Will their assistance be enough to prevent history from repeating itself?


This is the second book in the Cartographer series, and you can read my 5 star review of The Cartographer here .  At the end of book one, the fate of Earth lies in Nathan Chamber’s hands.  Will he be able to save Earth, and his parents from Meta and the Consortium? 

The first book was a light, adventurous tale.  This one starts turning darker.  No matter what Nathan does, his friends are dying and he can’t stop the destruction of everything he holds dear.  He even faces his own painful tragedy at the hands of Calypsos cohorts.  This book is appropriately named Reborn as that is what Nathan has to do.  To overcome the evil influence of Calypso and the Consortium, Nathan must grow into the leader the rebels so desperately need. 

I really like Nathan’s character.   When reality sets in, he rises to the challenge.  I feel his character is very believable.  As in the first book, there is plenty of action in this well-written plot.  We meet new worlds and characters, mainly The Timeless, people who survived the creation of the Universe.  They are considered immortal, but they really aren’t.  Each different character is very well-defined.  It amazes all the different varieties of life forms Gaydas envisions.  Some are quite ghastly.

If you’re looking for an adventurous space odyssey, I highly recommend this book.  I give it 5 feathers. 

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