Several weeks ago, hell, months, now, I was approached by my good friend, Julie Northup.  She asked if I wanted to be a part of her publishing company.  I say ‘hers’ as she’s the CFO and brains behind it.  I was shocked and honored, to say the least.


“I’m a nobody!” I said.

She told me that wasn’t true and I had talents they needed.

I’m still not sure what those are, but with tribulation, I said, “Okay.”

Actually, I’d already been thinking of sticking with something to do with writing when I retired.  After 36 plus years in insurance, I knew I was done with that.  Besides, I really like the indie author community.  So this was perfect for me.

The next several weeks were fun as we bounced around names and logos for our fledgling company.  We were all set with Northup Cate & Foley Publishing and using our initials for the logo.  In the meantime, Julie discovered Canva and went nuts coming up with different designs.  It was crazy.  We couldn’t decide on what we really wanted.  Some images looked very professional, while others were very fun, but not business appropriate.  We were just going around in circles.  Go figure.  Three women.  LOL.

However, what would happen if one of us left the partnership?  Our brand would be our initials.  So, I had this brilliant idea.  Who was the Goddess of books, libraries, and writers?  None other than, Baalat.  We loved the fact of using a unique name for our brand.  But, Julie pointed out the name could easily be confused with Ballot or Ballard.  So, it was a no go.  Sad smile

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Unknown to me, Julie loved Druids and their symbolic Ruins.  She’d also practiced Wicca, something I’ve always wanted to do.  She’s also Danish, like me.  And so is our other partner, Marine.  Go figure.  Fate strikes again.

Since there were three of us, all women, and we came together by Fate, Julie came up with the idea of using Norns for our name.  Norns were the Goddesses of Fate in Norse Mythology and referred to as either sisters or witches. 


Their names are Urd “What Once Was” (Old Norse “Urðr”),Verdandi “What Is Coming into Being” (Old Norse “Verðandi”) and Skuld “What Shall Be” (Old Norse “Skuld”).  How appropriate!!  We fell in love with the concept, and hence our name, Norns Triad Publications.


We are so excited about our new endeavor.  Unfortunately, since we are all fellow Creativia authors, we had to request our rights back from them before we can republish our books.  That’s a 90-day wait.  In the meantime, we are reediting, and in some cases, recovering our books.   Some of Julie’s books will be published first, as she had already planned for this.  Hopefully, by next month.

For me, I pulled my Excalibur series, and they will be ready for republication in January.  WooHoo!  This also meant a delay on the 3rd and 4th books in the series.  I am so sorry about that.  I wanted Karrin: Warrior Child published by now.  Oh well, some things can’t be helped.  But, I did come up with a new cover for The Revenge of Excalibur.  Jessica, from The Magic Quill Graphics, designed it for me.  She did an amazing job and I’m thrilled to show it to you.  Just not now.  HAHA.

What we really need right now, are followers.  We don’t have a newsletter yet, as I’m waiting to get my rights back on my short stories.  But, you CAN follow us on our WEBSITE, TWITTER, or FACEBOOK.

Now, it’s time to meet my new partners: Julie Northup & Marnie Cate.  They each have their own bragging rights in the indie community.

julie northup  MARNIE

Not only is Julie an Amazon Bestselling author, she’s been helping and promoting authors for years.  She’s the one that helped me get signed up with Creativia.  She does book reviews and amazing interviews.  She also has a very active FB page where authors post their new releases and promo books.  You can follow Julie on her WEBSITE, or her FACEBOOK GROUP.  If you’re a reader, her Facebook group is the place to be.

To be honest, I didn’t know Marnie before we became partners.  I knew she was a fellow Creativia author, but that was it.  I’ve yet to read any of her books, but I’ve heard she’s a great writer.  Check out her WEBSITE to see her books.  Marnie also helps the indie community with her vlogging channel on YouTube called Indies Insights.  Her segments are featured under the very popular site GoIndieNow.  You can also follow her on her FACEBOOK PAGE.

As you can see, I’ve partnered up with two highly intelligent and beautiful women.  Why they picked me I have no idea.  But I’m really looking forward to making our new Company a success.  Here’s to NORNS TRIAD PUBLICATIONS.



About Sahara Foley

Bio: Until my husband died on Christmas 2012, I never thought about becoming a writer. In fact, the act of writing a story terrified me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved reading, just never had the knack for writing. The thought of writing dialogue scared the bejeebers out of me. See, Bob was the writer. He wrote stories for years but could never get a traditional publisher interested enough to publish even one. Now I understand why, as they were unpolished outlines. Then, after 30 years together, Bob passed away and my life was turned upside down. About a month later, I was sitting around my apartment, trying to adjust to the worst event in my life, when a little voice spoke to me. Why not publish Bob’s stories? To be truthful, ever since the advent of self-publishing, I always wanted too, that’s how much I believed in his stories. But I knew I would have to fight him for every little change I made to his outlines. Sorry, honey, but they had to be done. So, I pulled out the box of stories, dusted them off, and started on a new adventure: The World of Self-Publishing. Boy, did I have a lot to learn. I finally published several short stories early in 2014, then my horror novella, It Lives in the Basement. While I was working on them, I was slowly learning the craft of writing, and getting The Secret of Excalibur ready for publication. Excalibur was my favorite story of them all, and in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted a publisher. One day on Twitter, I ran across a tweet from Creativia Publishing, and that was another game changer for me. I signed up with them in December of 2014, and it was the best decision I’ve made. One thing I’ve discovered on my new adventure, are all the really awesome and talented Indie Authors. If you find the right community of Indie Authors, all they want to do is help each other. I found that I love promoting them and their books, so that’s how I setup my blog. For readers to meet Indie Authors. Anyway, enough about me. Here’s all my contact information: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google Plus: Amazon Author Page:
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  1. I just love you, Sahara!
    I am honored to be your friend and partner. You have talents you aren’t even aware of, and I intend to help you see just how amazing you are!
    2018 is going to be the beginning of a wonderful adventure for us all!

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